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Painted Trillium   Trillium undulatum

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Chimaphila umbellata


Common Name: Pipsissewa
Availability: Spring Y / Fall Y
Waxflower, Prince's Pine, Ground Holly
Bloom time;June to August
Color; Pinkish White
Zone; 2-8
Soil; Moist, Rich, Well Drained
PH; 3.5-6
Light; Dense shade to mildly shady locations
Height; 5-10 inches
5-10 inch stem with deep evergreen leaves in whorls. Waxy pinkish white flowers hanging from along the stem above the leaves. Often found under or around white pines or evergreens. Grows in colonies from underground stems.
Cultivation / Conditions;
Grows in dry wooded areas Likes rich soil but doesn't need a lot of it as long as it is acidic. Plant with runner roots just below the soil surface. Mulch with evergreen needles. Make sure to water until established. Mulch yearly.
Increases by vegetative production on its own, expanding the colony. Remove creeping new plants and plant individually.
Yellow Clintonia, Pink Lady's Slipper, False Lily Of The Valley, Shinleaf, Toothed Wood Fern, Rattle Snake Plantain.

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