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Package 1: Online Classes, Contract, and Forms

SKU: $3,000.00
This package is for the person who knows nothing about the janitorial business. It will take you 60 to 75 days to learn everything you need to learn depending upon your rate of learning.

This package contains:
• a stripping and waxing online class
• a carpet cleaning online class
• a bidding guide online class
• a closing out new jobs online class
• an online class on how to get appointments daily

Also, all your forms and contracts are available. You will be able to call our customer support and talk with a real, professional janitor for as long as you need. You will also have free access to any seminar in the country if you present your ID number. Read this information, follow the steps, and believe in yourself. You will never be unemployed again.

• Non-compete/Non-interference Separation Agreement
• Simple Subcontractor Lien Release
• Subcontractor Agreement
• Book: Janitorial: A Poor Man's Business but a Rich Man's Money
• Health Club Contract
• Child Care Contract
• Construction Site Contract
• Restaurant Contract
• Janitorial Service Agreement
• Office Building Contract
• Bidding Guides, Bidding Chart, and Bidding Chart Instructions