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Talking Personal Scale

SKU: 100101-A $99.00
•Simply step on the scale's anti-slip surface until it beeps to hear your weight clearly announced in English once you step off •Measures your weight either in pounds or kilos •Scale is fully automatic - no manual adjustments or on-off switch needed •Measures 13 in. x 13 in. •Requires one 9V battery (included) Improved with a brand new design, the Cobolt Speechmaster Talking Personal Scale is perfect for the blind and those with low vision or other visual impairment. Simply step on its anti-slip surface and you'll hear a beep tone followed by, "Please step off." Your weight will then be announced in a loud, clear, male voice. To change the scale from pounds to kilos, briefly step down on the bottom left or right corner of the scale, and then release it again, within 5 seconds of your weight being spoken. Repeat procedure to return to pounds. Requires one 9V battery (included). Failure to speak or distorted speech indicates that the battery should be replaced. Measures 13 in. x 13 in.