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Nemo Portable Magnifier

SKU: 100040 $795.00
Nemo Digital Magnifier Do you or a loved one have difficulties seeing everyday things such as bottle labels, mail, the newspaper, or store price tags, etc.? Does a tremor make printed numbers run together and hard to read? Well, the Nemo pocket reader is just what you've been looking for. The pocket-sized Nemo is lightweight and affordable. Look-up phone numbers in seconds and perform everyday household tasks with ease. This magnifier is so easy to use all you need to do is place the desired material you want to magnify under the Nemo and press the button. The magnified image appears on the 4" viewing screen in the digital magnification range (4x to 9x) you have chosen. As an additional vision aid, the Nemo has six different viewing modes. You can choose between seeing the image in color, black and white, as either a positive or negative, or in a choice of backgrounds (yellow text on blue, or blue text on yellow). This wonderful portable magnifier is ideal for people who need magnification while out at the grocery store, book store, or department store! Nemo Magnification Levels Nemo Digital Magnifier Features: * 4 inch viewing screen * Anti-glare LCD screen * Lightweight and compact * 4x to 9x magnification * Brightest image in its class. High contrast display modes * Three-step digital magnification * 6 viewing modes (including 2 color selections) * Freeze-frame control takes a temporary picture * Tactile controls allow for ease of use * Unit switches itself off automatically after 10 minutes to save battery time NEMO viewing modes Nemo Digital Magnifier Specifications: * Three hour battery life (takes approx. 4 hrs to fully charge) * Product weight: 13 oz Warranty Information: * 2 year manufacturer warranty