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Clear view +PC integrated no monitor

SKU: 100004 $2,695.00
Desktop Video Magnifiers - ClearView+

The Latest Innovation in Video Magnification Technology. ClearView+ Video Magnifier System magnifies anything placed under it from 2 to over 50 times its original size, always maintaining perfect focus. It also features a specially designed high quality monitor and lighting design, for optimal visual enhancement. Best of all, the entire system can be controlled with a single button, and customized to meet your exact needs.

Advanced Technology Yes. Complicated No.
Customizable to your lifestyle and visual needs.
Full Color 17" TFT Monitor
Full Color 17" CRT Monitor
Black & White 17" CRT Monitor
Computer Compatible

One Button Control System
ClearView+ has been designed with many exciting features, none more impressive than the one-button control system that allows you to: Increase or decrease magnification.
Change from photo mode to black and white, as well as reverse.

Magnification Range: 2x to 50x on 17" screen

Customized High Quality Monitors
ClearView+ displays are specially selected and tuned for maximum sharpness, brightness and contrast. This is no off-the-shelf monitor or TV. Each monitor is selected and tested by low vision experts to provide the best possible image. In addition, each display can be tilted and positioned for maximum comfort.

Always-in-Focus (AIF) Technology ensures objects are always in crisp, clear focus.

Innovative Lighting Design
Two light sources, located on either side of the camera provide even distribution of light across the object viewed, while eliminating glare and shadowing.

Easy-Glide Platform with Electronic Brake
Allows you to easily scan every inch of the object you are viewing. Platform moves left and right, forward and back. If you want the table held steady, simply push the electronic brake.
What's the Plus?
Advanced Features and Options include:
Line markers and windows providing reference guidelines for reading
Additional foreground and background colors
Picture-in-Picture (PIP) functionality for desktop computer integration
Position indicator to assist you in finding your place on the page
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