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Super Scrabble Deluxe

SKU: 100361 $59.95
Features • EASY-TO-READ BOLD BLACK PRINT on white tiles • Rotating Board for easier reach and viewing • Raised Grid holds tiles in place • Endorsed by the National SCRABBLE Association • More Spaces, More Tiles, More Points, More Fun! With Super Scrabble Deluxe Edition, an accessible and enhanced version of America’s favorite word game, the whole family will be able to join in on the fun like never before! Maxi-Aids has taken this great game and packaged a modified version with special tiles for the benefit of those who may have difficulty seeing the standard wood tiles. EASY TO SEE AND PLAY. The tiles are bright white with letters printed in bold black ink, so the visually impaired can see them more clearly. Adding to the ease of viewing for all players is the Rotating Game Board. The rigid, durable plastic board has ball bearings built into the bottom, allowing it to be rotated 360 degrees. This allows players to get the optimum position to view the board and to reach and place tiles more easily. And its Raised Grid design, with raised lines for each grid on the board, makes it easier to put tiles in place and it keeps them in place even if the game board is accidentally bumped. ENHANCED FEATURES FOR MORE FUN. The Super Scrabble Deluxe Edition also features 200 Letter Tiles (compared to 100), allowing you to make more words and to make your Scrabble games more interesting; It has 441 Spaces on the board (compared to 225); 125 premium scoring spaces (compared to 61). Includes: 441 Space Rotating Game Board with raised plastic grid, 200 Low Vision Plastic Letter Tiles, 4 Wood Tile Racks, Drawstring Cloth Bag for letter storage, Score Pad and Super Scrabble Booklet with rules, history and tips. For 2 to 4 Players, Ages 8 to Adult. Game board measures approximately 19-1/4” x 17-5/8”.