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Icon Pocket-Sized Mobile Manager for Low Vision

SKU: 100363 $1,385.00
Features ? 40GB memory for music, books and podcasts ? Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in ? Calendar and address book ? Voice recorder and journal ? Word processor, web browser and email The Icon Pocket-Sized Mobile Manager is like a PDA, yet does so much more than other handheld devices for the visually impaired. With a comprehensive menu of pre-installed applications, 40GB hard drive, and Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® built-in, the Icon gives you powerful portability and easy-to-use access to the tools you need most. You won?t believe what you can do! Get where you need to be, when you need to be there with the calendar and address book. Bring enjoyment to your journey with the book and music player and favorite pod casts. Make notes to yourself with the voice recorder and journal. Stay on top of your world with a word processor, web browser, and email. Includes case, interface cable, AC power adaptor, Quick-Start Guide (text, audio & Braille CD), User´s Guide (text CD), Earbuds, Lanyard and Battery. FEATURES: Memory ? Store thousands of digital books and songs with the 40GB hard drive?which far exceeds other PDA?s for the visually impaired. Students especially love being able to store all of their books for an entire year in one place. Life-Managing Software Applications: Calendar ? Store all your important appointments in one place and take them with you. Address Book ? Always have access to phone numbers, email and web addresses for your contacts. And, easily sync-up your address book and calendar with Microsoft Outlook®. Web Browser ? Surf the Internet with ease even when you're on the go. With a WiFi® wireless connection and an easy-to-use web browser, the Icon keeps you connected. Email ? Being in touch never has to stop when you have an Icon. When you're near a WiFi hotspot, you can easily send and receive email. Word processor ? Take your documents with you, or write them on the road. The Icon's intuitive and user-friendly word processor works with Microsoft® Word compatible documents. Music Player ? Put your favorite artists in the palm of your hand with the Icon MP3 player. You can store thousands of songs, categorized by artist, title, album, or genre. Pod Cast ?With the Icon, it's easy to download and listen to pod casts, or even record your own. Voice Recorder ? You never have to forget a detail with the Icon voice recorder handy. The digital sound gives you a high quality recording of lectures, or your own personal memos. Journal ? Record the events of your day through your calendar or post your entries to a web blog. Clock ? Get the time of day at the push of a button. Stopwatch ? When you need to time an event, the Icon provides a handy stopwatch. Calculator ? Calculations are a snap with the Icon. Empowering library options ? The Icon enables you to take books, newspapers and periodicals with you. The library options include: - Book Player: Play thousands of Daisy text books and dozens of audio books stored on your hard drive. - Bookshare Support: Get the books you want easily and automatically. Simply select the book you want to read and press enter. - Subscription-based Periodicals: Listen to subscription-based newspapers and magazines on your way to work, or anytime you choose, through Bookshare's Newsline (Note: Service not available in all states. Check for access in your state.) Anytime Internet Access ? Whether you are at your desk or on the go you can connect to the Internet. The Icon has built in WiFi for wireless connection when you're in range of a hotspot. When plugged-in to the Docking Station you have Ethernet or a dial-up modem. Wireless Features Built-in ? For easy, portable Internet access and wireless headset compatibility: Bluetooth® 1.1 wireless and Wi-Fi® 802.11b wireless Easily Replaceable Battery ? You never have to be without your Icon with our user-replaceable battery. Just slide open the compartment, pop in the new battery and keep on going. Listening and Recording Options ?Multiple audio output and input options are available for private listening, voice recording, or enhanced sound: Stereo speakers Mono Earpiece Mono Microphone 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack 2.5mm Stereo Headset Jack OPTIONAL ACCESSORY: Simply snap the Icon into the Braille or QWERTY Docking Station (must be purchased separately) that enables you to: - Take notes comfortably. - Perform full-capability word processing. - Web browse extensively. - Read and write email when you're on the go. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Memory: 40GB hard drive; 256 MB internal flash memory (200MB available to user) Processor: Intel® 520MHz XScale Wireless: Bluetooth® 1.1 wireless and Wi-Fi® 802.11b wireless Internet Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion. User-accessible battery compartment. Operating System: Linux Size: 5.09? (129.2 mm) Long x 3.35? (85.1mm) Wide x .975? (24.7mm) Thick Weight: 7.4 ounces (207 grams) Expansion: Mini SD?; USB 1.1 host and client Audio output & input options: Stereo speakers, Mono Earpiece, Mono Microphone Audio options compatible via built-in jacks including: 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack; 2.5mm Stereo Headset Jack; 3.5mm Stereo Microphone Jack Includes pre-installed life-managing software: Calendar, Address Book, Web Browser, Email, Word processor, Music Player, Pod Cast, Voice Recorder, Journal, Clock, Stopwatch, Calculator, Book Player, Bookshare® Support (U.S. residents only)
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