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Topaz 21" LCD

SKU: 100011 $2,995.00
TOPAZ? Desktop Video Magnifiers make seeing type, handwriting, and small details easier than ever before. Just place an object, letter, or photo on the moveable Glide Table, and adjust the magnification level and display colors to the settings that are best for your eyesight. Your document displays in super-large size on the screen. Anything that fits on the Glide Table can be magnified: crafts, needlepoint, crossword puzzles, contracts - even labels on cans, prescriptions, and over-the-counter remedies. The TOPAZ magnifies from 3 times to 70 times the actual size on a 19" monitor. A laser pointer helps you position the item on the table. With the generous Glide Table and extra wide table movement, you'll have plenty of room for photo albums, large documents, and other large items. The table easily moves forward and to both sides to accommodate the best magnification view of almost anything that can fit on it. The forward-mounted camera in the TOPAZ is a full 8.5 inches above the table, so you have plenty of room to work, write, and do projects like tightening the tiny screws on your eyeglass frames, threading needles, assembling and painting model cars, and hand sewing. All Topaz models include screen color modes so you can adjust your monitor for your personal eyesight: full color; black on white; enhanced black on white; inverted white black; yellow text on blue; or blue text on yellow. Further customize foreground and background color choices from a total of 28 color combinations.