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Reading Book BAT Version 2.0

SKU: 100251 $995.00
? Easily scan books without damaging spine or losing text ? Hear book as MP3 voice file or view on computer screen ? Converts printed text into natural sounding speech ? Recognizes American English, British English, Spanish and Mexican Spanish ? Just connect to you computer through USB and install software from CD-ROM When was the last time you visited the libary and checked out a book on your favorite subject? Or went to the bookstore to buy a book written by the latest hot selling author? Can't find the books you want in Large Print or Braille? With the Book Reader you can enjoy reading like never before! This innovative scanner allows you to scan books and then choose your method of enjoying them - either by viewing them on a computer screen or saving them as an audio MP3 file and listening to them on an MP3 audio playback device. Note: enter "MP3" in our website search box, above right, to view Maxi-Aids available players. Reads American English, British English, Spanish and Mexican Spanish. Optical Character Recognition and Auto Document Orientation features together ensure that book won't get damaged and that text near spine will be seen and read correctly. Warranty: 1 year Limited. Simple set-up. To set up the Book Reader, simply plug in the power supply and supplied USB cable connecting it to your computer. Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your computer CD-ROM drive and the software will automatically load. A voice command will alert you when the software is loaded. Instruction Manual supplied in printed form as well as on CD-ROM. Unique Features: Natural Voice? Provides exceptional natural-sounding (NOT robotic) voice to make your book reading experience more enjoyable. Magnifying Tool? The user-friendly magnifying tool can be used independently from the Book Reader and it gives you the flexibility to enlarge any box on the screen at any time. Also, the Book Reader is integrated with a ?See & Speak? function that will pronounce any word pointed at by the mouse cursor. PDF Available? Only a one-step process to create or save a file in PDF format, you can even read PDF documents from the internet. Audio Filing? Scanned documents can be saved in MP3 or WAV format. With the assistance of portable audio devices, you can enjoy book reading anytime and anywhere. Color Contrast? The color contrast function increases the visual effectiveness and helps those with color blindness by using certain color combinations. This allows an easier and more pleasant reading experience. Zoom Text? This function provides the option for readers to enlarge texts in the documents. Hot keys? With a few hot keys, functions such as voice volume, forward/backward, reading speed, color contrast, word spelling are just one click away. Repeating Function ? By clicking the button, users can repeat any word, sentence and paragraph at any given time. Word Spelling? The word spelling function can enhance learning effectiveness and pronunciation accuracy. Text Editable? An useful and practical tool to rewrite or modify the scanned documents. File Format? Scanned result will automatically be saved as text, rtf and pdf format on the hard drive for future reference. MP3 and WAV format options are also available. Unique hardware design: Plustek's patent pending SEE? (Shadow Elimination Element) Technology includes a specially designed edge and lamp. This technology allows "zero edge" scanning (or book edge scanning design) which means the scanning module can scan right up to the edge of the scanner where the book spine is placed. The book can therefore be scanned with the pages completely flat on the glass to avoid the book spine shadow and distorted lines of text which occur when the books are scanned on a traditional flatbed scanner. Plustek has already received a patent on its specially designed lamp with curved ends. With this patented function, you won?t have to worry about keeping the integrity of any text or image again. System requirements for your computer: IBM Compatible PC, with Pentium II or faster CPU CD-ROM Driver One available USB Port 128 MB RAM (256MB recommended) 500 MB free HDD space High Color graphic card (VGA or higher) Audio system Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000 Specifications: Interface: USB 2.0 Max. Flatbed Scanning area: 216 x 297 mm (8.5" x 11.69", A4/ Letter Size) Hardware dimension (WxDxH): 453 x 285 x 105 mm (18" x 11" x 4") Net weight: 3.4 kg / 7.5 lb Product dimensions (imperial): 4 inch H x 18 inch L x 11 inch W Product dimensions (metric): 101.60 mm H x 457.20 mm L x 279.40 mm W