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CANDY 5 HD II Portable Video Magnifier - 2.5x-22x

SKU: 357235 $695.00
• Crystal-clear, Color-rich HD Image on brand new 5-in wide-screen TFT LCD with anti-glare coating
• Close-up or near-distance view (see/capture items on a shelf)
• Unique Mirror View (Self View) Image
• 1x - 22x handheld, 2.5x - 10x in reading stand, 5.6x - 22x with handle folded
• Image Capture: Save & review up to 5 images

The new CANDY 5 HD II features a 5-inch high-definition wide-screen TFT LCD with anti-glare coating and continuous zoom magnification from 2.5x to 22x. This versatile portable video magnifier has an intuitive center-position HD autofocus camera and can be used as either a handheld or stand magnifier for viewing items close up such as a magazine or a text book, or for viewing items at a near distance, such as a bulletin board or overhead fast food menu. Use CANDY 5 HD II at home or take it with you to school, work, restaurant, pharmacy, bank, library, grocery or department store or on vacation.

CANDY 5 HD II has an intuitive user interface with high-contrast, easy-to-locate buttons and its compact size makes it easy to take along on the go. The 3-position handle makes CANDY 5 HD II a great ergonomic choice for either left or right handed users.


- Crystal-clear, Color-rich HD quality Image - The new CANDY 5 HD II features a 5-inch high-definition LCD, ensuring a clear, high-quality image. The large LCD display provides 4x greater field of view than a similar magnification optical magnifier, and the HD image quality provides a 3x higher resolution from the camera to the LCD.

- Image Capture - Save Up to 5 images. Easily find and review any saved image.

- User-customizable Color Contrast Settings - Easily customize 4 selectable color modes from a number of preset combinations in addition to the standard natural color mode. Users can also disable unused options to simplify menu choices to only those which they use most often.

- Near-distance View - Use to see or capture a shop sign, store prices, or items on a store shelf.

- Unique Mirror View (Self View) Image - Use to check your make-up and perform personal grooming. A dedicated second camera makes this unique feature possible.

- Auto Focus - CANDY 5 HD II will quickly auto-focus when user changes from close-up to near-distance viewing.

- Continuous Digital Zoom - Allows you to quickly adjust magnification level without multiple button presses. CANDY 5 HD II doesn't limit you to only 3 or 4 preset magnification choices as most other portable video magnifiers.

- Large Display, Real Time Digital Clock - Quickly check the current time right on your CANDY 5 HD II.

- 4.5 Hour Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Featuring 4.5 hours of battery use time on a full charge, CANDY 5 HD II has the longest lasting battery run time among handheld video magnifiers. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery recharges within 3 hours with the included AC adapter.

- Center-position Camera - The center-position camera makes it easy to know where you are reading.

Technical Specifications:

- Model Number: G500S II
- Display: 5-inch wide-screen TFT LCD with anti-glare coating
- Camera: Autofocus HD camera, 60fps
- Viewing Modes: Close-up and near distance viewing modes, Mirror View Mode (self-view)
- Magnification 1x - 22x handheld, 2.5x - 10x in reading stand, 5.6x - 22x with handle folded
- Handle: Three-position (left-angled, center, right-angled)
- Color Modes: 5 modes (4 independently user-definable from color pallet, up to 3 may be disabled)
- Focus: Autofocus or manual
- Brightness Control: 4 levels
- Image Saving: 5 images
- LED Light: On, automatic, off
- Reading Stand Included
- Clock: Large display, 12-hour digital clock
- Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, 4.5 hours continuous use / 3 hours charging time
- Case: Leatherette flip-cover case with shoulder strap
- Size: 6.06-inch x 3.5-inch x 0.68-inch (excluding handle)
- Weight 11.52 oz.
- Warranty: Two-years limited parts & labor warranty

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