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Big Button Bierley Mobile Phone BM-01

SKU: 100307E $119.85
Large keys for ease of use
Emergency call button
Hearing Aid Compliant
Flash light
Magnify text messages
Charge directly with connector or on the base
6 days battery life (stand by)
5 - 7 hours battery life (talk time)
Radio with built-in loud speaker
Speed Dial

Big button mobile phone
Big keys and font make it easier for the elderly to see without using their glasses.

Emergency call button
Even if the phone is switched off, a user can press the button for 3 seconds and the phone will automatically switch on and dial the pre-set emergency number. If the user is talking on the phone, by pressing the emergency button it will cut the current phone call and dial the emergency number. So anytime, anywhere, just press and hold the emergency button for 3 seconds and the phone will do the rest.

Magnify text message button
If the small text is difficult to see, now you can see it more clearly with the BM-01. Just press “” to magnify the text message and press it again to revert to the normal size.

Alarm clock
Set an alarm and even if the phone is switched off, the alarm will switch the phone back on and alert you. This might be useful to remember something important, such as taking medicine.