Private Intensive Sessions with Michele Weiner-Davis

Schedule a One-Day or Two-Day Private Intensive Session with Michele 

If you truly want to transform your marriage, visit Michele in her Boulder, Colorado office. Michele will meet with you and your spouse from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. where you will have her undivided attention. She is highly experienced in working with people who have given up and have become hopeless about their relationships. No marital problem is too severe or too long-standing for Michele to find seeds of hope and solutions. Her speciality is working with couples who have "done everything" without good results. Couples who work with Michele feel that their experience has given them tools that last a lifetime.

There is another reason couples work with Michele. When one spouse refuses to work on mending the marriage, Michele has helped both partners to gain clarity on what has transpired in their marriage in the hopes that the same mistakes will not be repeated in the future. Although close to 50% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second and 75% of third marriages end in divorce. That's because people often don't learn from their mistakes. Gaining perspective and understanding of what has happened in one's marriage can go a long way to offer closure and healing.

Additionally, when children are involved, it is essential that people learn how to collaboratively co-parent reagardless of what happens in the marriage. This can only happen when spouses make peace with each other. These intensive sessions offer guidance.

The bottom line is this, regardless of what happens to your marriage, since this is the biggest and most important decision you will ever make in your life, you have to feel certain that you've left no stone unturned. This experience with Michele will allow you to feel certain that you've done what you can to find any potential solutions to difficult marital situations.

For more information about fees scheduling or any questions that you or your spouse may have, please email or call  303-444-7004.

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