Getting Through to the Man You Love Audio Book

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Getting Through to the Man You Love
previously titled A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man
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About the audio book:

An irresistible message for women.

If someone told you that you could have better, more meaningful communication with your partner, hug him without his thinking sex was imminent, get him to become more involved with the kids, or even realize that, unlike the oven, the house isn’t self-cleaning, wouldn’t you want to know how? Of course you would. Well, Michele Weiner-Davis is about to let you in on her secrets.

Drawing on more than three decades of experience in helping couples make their relationships great and using her own thirty-something year old marriage as a testing ground for her techniques, Michele explains:
*Women’s biggest “beefs” about men
*Why blaming, nagging, and talking about feelings don’t work
*Why action-oriented methods are infinitely more effective
*How to talk so men will listen

Most important, Michele shows how every woman can become an expert at getting her man to be more responsive to the things she wants and needs in their relationship. So, if you’ve been at the end of your relationship rope and you’re ready to let go of the line, hang in there…solutions are right around the corner.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 – Can We Talk?
Chapter 2 – Changing Your Leopard’s Spots
Chapter 3 – Testosterone Simplified


Chapter 4 – So Many Changes, So Little Time: Where to Begin
Chapter 5 – Don’t Even Go There, Girlfriend
Chapter 6 – Basic Training: Sit, Stay, Come


Chapter 7 – Becoming a Solution Detective
Chapter 8 – Do Something Different for a Change
Chapter 9 – Smart Talk: How to Talk So Men Will Listen
Chapter 10 – Keeping It Up
Chapter 11 – The Immovable Man
Chapter 12 – The Surprise Ending

Comments and reviews:

“I have again caught Michele Weiner-Davis with another great book to help enrich marriages and friendships.”
-Gary Smalley, author of Love Is a Decision and Making Love Last Forever


“Throw away all your self-help books! Michele Weiner-Davis provides the answers every woman is searching for. When you finish reading this incredible book, you’ll know without a doubt how to have a more fulfilling and rewarding life with your mate.”
-Ellen Kreidman, Ph.D., author of The 10-Second Kiss


“Michele Weiner-Davis knows men so well it’s almost frightening.”
-Rob Becker, Defending the Caveman


“Michele Weiner-Davis is a delight! In this funny, gutsy, practical book you will find tips and strategies you never dreamed of. Reading this book will help you change your man—and in the process improve your entire relationship.”
-Cristina Ferrare, host of Home & Family and author of Cristina Ferrare’s Family Entertaining


“I love Michele Weiner-Davis’ humor, her wisdom, and her honesty, but above all I love her optimism. She understands men, without a smidgen of intimidation or disdain, and she likes us enough to think we are capable of changing, of coming out of our caves and achieving self-awareness, sensitivity, and true partnerships in relationships with women. A Woman’s Guide to changing her man is going to save a lot of lives.”
-Frank Pittman, M.D., author of Private Lies, Man Enough, and Grow up!


I am only one of a lot of women out there but wanted to personally say I love this book. I call it my “man bible”. I literally carry it with me all the time. I don’t keep it at home because heaven forbid he would find it. I have now read the book twice and am now going through it again a third time underlining everything that I want to emphasize in my head. That way I figured I could look at these lined phrases in those emergency circumstances.


This wonderful book has really given me new eyes to look through. I will probably memorize it from cover to cover and then read some more. I have already seen some changes! This book is the best thing I have found in a long time.


I am very much enjoying your book, “A Woman’s Guide to Changing Her Man”. My husband gave this book to me about seven months ago, and it wasn’t until last night, and at my wits end, that I opened up Michele’s book for the first time. I read into the wee hours of the night, and holding my eyes open, that I began to feel so grateful for her words. It is such a great relief to know that I am not alone in my thoughts and experiences regarding my husband. Thank you. And I look forward to continuing to read again this evening before bed. I have so much to learn about men and myself, and embrace the journey that lies ahead.
Michele shows how every woman can become an expert at getting her man to be more responsive to the things she wants and needs in their relationship.