Audio Program - Keeping Love Alive®

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Audio is in MP3 format, delivered in four MP3 files, zipped. Also includes the 32-page Keeping Love Alive® Guidebook - Downloadable PDF file. Total file size is approximately 287MB and thus would require you have a hi-speed connection (cable or DSL).

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Welcome to Keeping Love Alive®, the results-oriented program for making relationships work. This program is designed to improve all kinds of relationships- those teetering on the brink of divorce and those just needing fine-tuning. That’s because it teaches skills anyone in a relationship needs to know. In fact, if you’re convinced your marriage is near its end, this program can offer you the valuable lesson of identifying where things went wrong and offer you the skills you’ll need to make any future relationship a success.
Unlike other programs, Keeping Love Alive®, won’t drag you into your past in order to change your future. It won’t ask you to dissect the problems in your life. Keeping Love Alive® is designed to focus on solutions and help you become your own relationship expert. It will give you concrete tools you can instantly put to use. And the best part is that you can use this program alone if your partner isn’t motivated to participate. You can affect change in your relationship singlehandedly!

You’ll learn:
- why men who dislike “touch-feely” relationship programs love this program
- why knowing what caused a problem is a waste of time
- how love illusions prevent you from getting more love in your life
- that you can affect change singlehandedly
- how to set specific solution-oriented goals
- how to identify what you do right
- how to stop doing what isn’t working
- how to keep the positive changes going
- the Five Golden Rules of Keeping Love Alive

Couples whose relationships are experiencing more severe problems will learn:
- why divorce doesn’t work
- how to divorce-proof your marriage
- last resort techniques for preventing divorce

Keeping Love Alive® is for people who:

- want to feel closer to their partners
- keep arguing about the same old subjects
- want tools for breaking free from relationship ruts
- are single and want to find love and keep love
- feel hopeless and are considering separation or divorce

The Keeping Love Alive® Program contain cutting edge information about how to make your relationship better than ever. Michele offers a clear, concise, step-by-step method for building on positive interactions with your partner and eliminating unproductive ones. She teaches the tools for transforming any relationship challenge into an opportunity for growth.

Session #1 – SMARTER SOLUTIONS: Learn why most relationship problem-solving methods don’t work. Discover radically new alternatives that will enable you to create more love in your life.

– LOVE ILLUSIONS : Learn the five most common illusions people have about relationships. Discover the antidote to this faulty thinking.

Session #2 – IT TAKES ONE TO TANGO: Contrary to the old adage, “the only person you can change is yourself,” you can change other people! Learn how.

– SOLUTION-ORIENTED GOALS: “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Understand the difference between half-baked goals versus goals that will help you hit your mark every time.

Session #3 – IF IT WORKS, DON’T FIX IT: Believe it or not, the key to successful relationships can be discovered by determining what you do differently during problem-free times. Become a solution detective!

– DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR A CHANGE: Stop doing what doesn’t get you the results you want with your partner. You’ll learn how to break free from relationship ruts.

Session #4 – SEVEN CREATIVE APPROACHES: You know you have to try a new approach to make things better, but you just don’t know what to do. This section will get your creative juices flowing by offering concrete suggestions for creating instant change.

Session #5 – KEEPING YOUR CHANGES GOING: After you achieve more love in your life, you’ll want to know how to make it last. Here are step-by-step directions for keeping your love alive.

– FIVE GOLDEN RULES FOR CREATING MORE LOVE: Discover five simple, yet often overlooked, rules for making any relationship great.

Session #6 – DIVORCE IS NOT THE ANSWER: Learn why divorce doesn’t work and how you can divorce-proof your marriage.

– THE LAST RESORT TECHNIQUE: Even in the worst of situations, there is one method you (or someone you know) can use that might just save a marriage. Don’t leave home without it!

The Keeping Love Alive® Guidebook - Downloadable PDF File

This 32-page relationship guidebook contains within it Michele’s formulas for relationship change. By doing the exercises in the guidebook, you will be able to take these formulas and apply them to your own situation to discover immediate solutions that will work for you.