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Hawk Mustang GT w/ Brembos/BOSS 302/GT500 DTC-70 Front Brake Pads (2007-2014)

SKU: HB453U.585 $343.99
Manufacturer Logo With high torque and an aggressive bite, the DTC-70 front brake pad will help you slow and stop your Mustang quickly. Engineered for vehicles with high deceleration rates, this pad is great for split-friction when using with the DTC-60 brake pads in the rear. Great performance for the track. This pad is a great option for 2007-2014 Mustang owners that want serious stopping power for the track. The compound’s optimal temperature ranges from 800-1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Better wear. Get more life out of your rotors with the DTC-70 pads. The compound provides exceptional rotor and pad wear so that you get the most out of your brakes. Increased control. The Dynamic Torque Compound (DTC) offers great modulation and release to help you control your S197 at the track. When used as a split-friction pad, you can adjust the braking performance of your Mustang to meet your needs. Features & Benefits: High torque and aggressive bite Excellent rotor and pad wear Better release and modulation 400-1600 F operating temp 800-1200 F optimal temp Front fitment Alternate part numbers: 7R3Z2001A, DR3Z2001A, DR3Z2001C Compatible with metal/iron rotors. Not for use with carbon-ceramic rotors.
Category:Hawk Performance