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All Messy and Sticky

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A whimsical tale about the night the northern lights danced across the silversmith’s table. What happens when the fork, knife and spoon come to life on this magical night?

Herman was a silversmith and worked all day in his shop heating, hammering, and shaping silver metal. His wife, Hanna loved her family, but disliked what happened when they ate. They used their fingers and with their fingers all messy and sticky, they wanted to clean them before they took their next bite. And how did they do this? They wiped their messy and sticky fingers on the tablecloth, that’s how! One day Herman had an idea. “I’m going to my workshop to create a tool that will work!” he said. That night Herman and Hanna were fast asleep in their beds, but Harry and Anna were restless and wide-awake. Hearing a noise, they decided to go downstairs to investigate. As they quietly walked downstairs, they were surprised by what they saw and heard!

A wonderful story about respecting others and teaches children that we are all important and useful to others no matter our age, color, or physical abilities. Includes a page about good manners and a homonym word game in the back of the book. This book is a chapter book and is perfect for young readers ages 7 and up.

Editorial Review

FORMAT – Hard cover w/dust jacket

ISBN: 978-0-9961204-8-7
Publish Date: November 2019
Pages: 35
Full Color
Size: 11 x 9.5 x .06 inches