Vendor Conversion Intensive DVD Box Set

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Understand how to effectively “Joint Venture with Time” and turn a toxic asset into a healthy investment.
Uncovering problems that motivated sellers have – secrets revealed Understand the specific types of vendors that are ideal for different types of deals
How to build rapport through telephone calls, and develop trust before you even meet the vendor - scripts included Find out how to explain creative strategies to the vendor effectively Putting it together – to benefit everyone - win/win Learn exactly how to structure the meeting, step by step including role plays in a safe environment
This Box Set will help you understand and be able to carry vendor visits on your own to close deals
I am always being asked about the specific tools, strategies and techniques for the current market... the very same strategies that experts are using RIGHT NOW.
Whilst I would dearly like to help everybody, the truth is that there is only so much time we can spend in one-on-one coaching, which is one of the reasons I created this DVD Box Set.
Good education is borne of practical can be sure to learn the REAL facts behind the fiction, allowing you to approach every potential deal with your eyes wide open!
Features Learning’s from my own experiences - not just theory! I will share my unique experience of making deals work through both Boom & Bust Market Conditions
Group exercises and role-play take the fear out of the "doing" Real-Life examples of creative deals and take away from it everything that you need to get out there and to make this your best ever year using the power and flexibility of creative Property Deals! The Box Set also contains 'Magic Disc 8' which is a CD with all of the files, documents, contracts and spreadsheet analysers that I use to create my deals.

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