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Lynda Tidwell Morris

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Nappy Head and All

SKU: $12.00
Published by Outskirts Press

Lynda Tidwell Morris' new African-American fiction book tells the heartwarming story of Nadine, a young black woman growing up in the American South in the 1950s. Morris' poignant tale introduces the strong, yet the vulnerable voice of Nadine to tell of the abuse and rejection she experienced from her mother, the injustices blacks endured in the South in the fifties, the traditions of their Black Baptist churches, and the often hilarious superstitions within the black culture of that era.

Growing up in Opelika, Alabama, young Nadine is constantly told by her mother that she is ugly, and she comes to believe she cannot ever be beautiful with her dark skin and nappy hair. Her mother would tell her that a woman's hair is her glory, but Nadine finds no truth in that Biblical axiom and instead finds her hair brings her nothing but pain.

When a devastating family secret is revealed, Nadine realizes she must find a way to break down the barriers of self-hate from her years of misfortune. She understands that she must learn to embrace her flaws, but must also acknowledge the strong, caring woman she begins to see she has always been.