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Greeting Card Gift Set - 'Happy Holidays'

SKU: GCGS-HH $25.00
Celebrate all your favorite holidays in style, with our 'Happy Holidays' Greeting Card Gift Set. This special assortment includes one of each of the following 'Los Muertos' Greeting Cards: #1 'Skeleton Slopes'/ #2 'Balloon Fiesta'/ #3 'Grimm Reaper'/ #4 'Jackalope'/ #5 'I Love Grandma'/ #6 'Grampa & Me'/ #7 'Scary Christmas'/ #8 'Be My Valentine'/ #9 'Love Never Dies'/ #10 'Mariochis/ #11 'Curtain Call'/ #12 'Thanksgiving'. By purchasing this set of 12, you get each card at our lowest discounted price. You pay less than half the price per card than if you were to purchase them individually.
Category:Gift Sets

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