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6. HairSoReal Ash Blond Micro Hair Fibers

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HairSoReal from Look Well is an extraordinary new solution to hair thinning and balding problems. It is uniquely formulated from artificial hair fibers and is not a paint or a cream that attempts to cover your scalp. It is not glossy or shiny either. HairSoReal is a finely textured fiber substance that binds to your existing hair and forms a complete layer of hair above your scalp where real hair is. It looks like hair and comes in black, dark brown, brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, ash blonde, and light grey to perfectly match your own natural hair color.

How it works

• Instantly fills in thinning areas

 Conceals hair loss

 Makes fine hair look completely thick and full

 Great as a root touch-up between colorings

HairSoReal hair building fibers blend undetectably with existing hair strands to instantly create the appearance of naturally thick, full hair. This amazing new formula comes in specially designed, elegant containers engineered to optimize maximum efficiency for application of hair building fibers onto the area being covered.

Category:Hair Loss