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Pioneer SX-1250-----Parts Kit for Premium Restoration-----The Whole Banana

SKU: $264.95
I have serviced the SX-1250 since they first came out. I see them frequently now for restoration work so I know exactly what they need at this time in their lives. Service needs change over time. When a lovely piece like this gets to forty years old, it needs some general help. Most of the 1250’s that come in for service are not outright blown up. They frequently work…..somewhat. They are, however, full of old capacitors, noisy signal path transistors, heat fatigued voltage regulators, and bad relays. Of course, they are in dire need of cleaning and alignment. This sort of job can be undertaken by a qualified technician or a serious hobbyist. Of course it helps to have the precise parts needed in hand, along with their precise locations. This kit is meant to supply that need. It is not a “paint by number” for those with no experience, but with moderate test equipment and some technical skill and patience, good results can be had.

Recommended Test Equipment:

Multimeter, Variac (5 amp or greater) can be had right here on eBay starting at $41.34, an oscilloscope is useful if you have to trace a lost signal but it is not usually needed.

The service manual is invaluable and may be had on line. Try HiFi engine.

The kit includes the standard and usual parts required on the following boards. The parts will be in individual bags for each board. There will be a list of parts for each of these boards with schematic designation. There will be a detailed instruction sheet which you will find to be very helpful on the project. This kit is not guaranteed to solve any and all problems. If your unit has an outright defect, it may be something other than the standard and usual. Great care should be taken to get polarities and transistor basing correct. Careful and tidy workmanship pays off. Be prepared to trouble shoot if you make a mistake or have additional problems.

Flat Amplifier Assembly. AWG-042
Equalizer Amplifier Assembly (Phono). AWF-021
Power Amplifier Assembly. AWH-048 (times 2)
Power Supply Assembly. AWR-107
Stabilizer Assembly (Regulated Power Supply). AWR-106A
Protection Circuit Assembly. AWM-091
Control Amplifier Assembly. AWG-041

The capacitors in the kit will vary but will be selected from the following: Power supply applications will be mainly Nichicon VZ and PW. On the other boards, they will be Nichicon FG, KW, FW, KT,VZ, or Elna Cerafine or Silmic II. The semiconductors in the kit will be well vetted substitutes for the original Japanese numbers. I have been using all of these parts for quite some time, and they perform very well.

The kit does not contain lamps as some folks want incandescent and others want LED so lamps should be purchased separately. The kit does not contain tuner section parts as tuner work should only be attempted by tuner experts. The kit does contain the power supply filter capacitors and they fit in the existing clamps. When all of these parts are replaced, and the unit is cleaned up and alignments are done, reliability is enhanced, and the sonic quality is astounding. They knew how to do stereo back in the old days.

Please allow up to 5 days for processing.