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Vintage Audio Bench Diagnostic

SKU: $129.95
NOTICE--NOTICE!! Read This First. This item is for service on audio equipment belonging to you. You will have to either ship in or drop off your piece of equipment for service. The equipment in the pictures are examples and are not for sale. See information about pickup and dropoff below.

So you have this wonderful piece of audio equipment from the 60's or 70's and you know it has great potential and you figure that it will be something familiar to me (which would be right), but you observe that I don't have service for your model in the list. There is a reason for that......there are way more model numbers than time to write all of those listings. This listing is your catch-all for such situations. More than that, this listing is good when you have a lovely piece that you fear might be blown up, or otherwise questionable, and you would like to start off by finding out just what you are up against.

When checking out a vintage lovely, it makes good sense to start off by running a diagnostic. So this is how it works. You purchase this listing. You are then given a spot in the repair line. When you send or bring your unit in, it gets the bench diagnostic within a few days of its arrival. I check all functions for overt defects, for any areas that are functional but marginal, and for the usual cleanup and alignment and lamps. At that point, I can tell you exactly what your baby needs. I can tell you what it needs to be perfect and I can also tell you whether a lesser option might be practical. Once approved, the unit moves on to the repair line and the time required will depend upon how many are in front of you. The diagnostic charge here applies against anything additional done.

About Shipping: Feel free to ship your unit to me for service or you may drop off and pick up the unit. If you wish to ship your unit in, I can help you to figure out how it should be packed. Quality packing is insurance against damage. The cost of return shipping depends upon package weight and dimensions and is precisely determined at the end of the process. If you would like an estimate of your return shipping cost, message me your city and zip and of course the model number and I will help. If you purchase this listing and are unsure of how to pack the unit, I can give you phone instructions.

So what could be easier, you buy the listing, send in your treasure, I give you the complete rundown, then it gets the loving and careful treatment and comes back to you all full of vigor and ready to go. I look forward to helping you out with this. Thanks, Bill