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The Nuts & Bolts of Foreclosures & Ethical Considerations 24/7 On-demand Downloadable CLE & Podcast

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The Nuts & Bolts of Foreclosures & Ethical Considerations - 24/7 On-demand Downloadable CLE & Podcast
Listen at your convenience, as many times as you wish

APPROVED for 2.0 Florida Bar CLE Credits (including 1.0 Ethics Credits) & 1.5 Georgia Bar CLE Credits

The weak economy continues to push numerous homeowners into distress, prompting record numbers of loan defaults and foreclosures. To maximize the recovery of equity in residential properties, lenders and their counsel must evaluate distressed assets at the first sign of financial difficulty and develop pre-foreclosure proceeding strategies to protect the lenders' rights and interests. Lenders cannot formulate a uniform recovery strategy with all borrowers because each borrower’s circumstances are unique. This seminar covers the general best practices that should be considered in any foreclosure proceeding. Many courts and contracts now require that parties submit to mediation prior to trying their dispute in court. This seminar provides insight into mediating foreclosure cases and the underlying ethical issues. Our faculty seminar will cover conflicts of interest, duty of candor to the court, conflicts management, billing practices, and communicating with the court and opposing counsel. Learn from our experienced and respected faculty, who will provide insight on counseling lenders and creditors. Our lecturers include a state court judge, who handles foreclosures on a daily basis.


Judge Ronald Dresnick on a View from the Bench

1. How has the Foreclosure Crisis Affected Litigation in State Courts?

2. What is the Judicial View on Foreclosures?

3. What Special Considerations Should Attorneys Make in Foreclosure Disputes?

4. The Use of Online Sales in Foreclosure Cases

5. Ethical Issues Involved in Litigating Foreclosure Matters

6. Suggestions to Counsel from the Bench: What Strategies Have Worked?

7. Motion Practice in Foreclosure Disputes

8. Ethical Considerations in Conferring with Opposing Counsel in Foreclosure Matters

Judge Ronald Dresnick, George Zamora, & Bob Stupar on Ethically Resolving Foreclosure Matters Outside the Courtroom

1. A Background on Litigating Mortgage Foreclosures in State Courts

2. Ethical Issues Involved in Resolving Foreclosures through Mediation

3. Ethical Guidelines in Receiverships

4. Contractual Forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution

5. Judicial Mortgage Foreclosure Process & Mediation

6. Deciding Where to Bring Foreclosure Matters

7. Managing Conflicts of Interest

8. Ethical Overtones in Distressed Loan Purchases and Sales

9. Judgment Purchases and Sales

10. Bid Assignments & Ethical Pitfalls

Bob Stupar on Issues in Foreclosure Disputes

1. Non-judicial Foreclosures

2. Questions to Ask Clients During Initial Interview

3. Commercial Real Estate & Foreclosures

4. Ethical Issues in Commercial Foreclosures

5. The Future for Foreclosure Sales

6. Maintaining Confidences in Foreclosure Litigation

7. Determing Who Is the Client

8. Keeping and Maintaining Expectations Against an Ethical Backdrop

Question & Answer Session

Biography of Seminar Faculty:

1. Judge Ronald C. Dresnick is a Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, over which he has presided for 14 years, since being appointed by Florida Governor Lawton Chiles in 1996. Prior to taking the bench, Judge Dresnick was a trial lawyer for 25 years. He began his career as an Assistant Public Defender in Miami-Dade County. He later practiced for over a decade in a four-person partnership, along with F. Lee Bailey and former State Attorney Richard E. Gerstein. During his practice he represented numerous high profile defendants including Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) in Sarasota against charges of lewd conduct. He has defended a number of high profile drug defendants from South American including a case in Detroit in the first instance where Cornel Oliver North took the Fifth Amendment. In Miami he represented the cabinet level head of Bolivia’s anti-drug agency against smuggling charges. He has also has represented numerous local public officials including a sitting judge charged in the “Operation Court broom” public corruption case. Judge Dresnick has presided in the Family, Criminal and General Jurisdiction divisions and over numerous high-profile cases, including several criminal cases which were carried gavel to gavel on Court TV. As an attorney, Judge Dresnick has appeared as a commentator on national television numerous times. Judge Dresnick has taught at the Boston University School of Law and has been an adjunct professor St Thomas School of Law and at the University Of Miami School Of Law, where he teaches evidence and has taught litigation skills for the last 15 years. He holds a JD from the University Of Miami School Of Law and an LLM from Harvard Law School.

2. Bob Stupar practices at Kilpatrick Stockton, where he concentrates his practice on real estate lending and finance, and general real estate. He regularly represents banks, servicers, insurance companies and other lenders with respect to distressed real estate assets (apartment buildings, shopping malls, strip malls, warehouses, residential developments, office buildings), restructuring and workouts of problem real estate loans. Mr. Stupar regularly counsels clients through the entire problem loan process commencing with the default upon the loan through the initial workout attempts and negotiations, exercise of foreclosure, receivership and other remedies, zoning and building code compliance of foreclosed REO properties, tax and other lien issues, judicial confirmations of the foreclosure sales, and post foreclosure leasing, management and other aspects of ownership and management of real estate properties. Mr. Stupar also represents lenders and banks in real estate loan originations and in post-origination loan restructuring, modifications, and assumptions. He is conversational in French, speaks basic Japanese and is fluent in Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian. He is a graduate of Emory University School of Law.

3. George Zamora is a solo practitioner who specializes in real estate and mortgage foreclosure litigation. He has litigated mortgage foreclosure actions for over 20 years and has extensive experience reprenting lenders in disputes resulting from the recent explosion of the real estate bubble. He appears in court on a daily basis and is an expert on court procedure governing foreclosures. Mr. Zamora earned his law degree at the University of Florida.

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