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Trial Skills for Criminal & DUI Defense 24/7 On-demand Downloadable CLE

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Learn the latest trial skills for criminal & DUI defense with this 24/7 instant downloadable CLE. Register now to receive course materials, obtain CLE credit, and listen instantly to this downloadable seminar.

Trial Skills for Criminal & DUI Defense
24/7 On-demand Downloadable Seminar & Podcast CLE

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Approved for CLE credit for attorneys in California, Florida, Georgia, New York, & Wisconsin.


Criminal and DUI arrests result in serious long-term consequences for defendants. State legislators and the federal government have recently enhanced regulation governing the use and possession of firearms, narcotics, and crimes against children. Fines are more significant, jail sentences are lengthier and convictions are kept on record longer. The long-term effects of a DUI or other conviction on a defendant’s finances, job prospects and insurance coverage can be overwhelming. Criminal defense attorneys today must be familiar with the latest science involved, case law and tactics specific to challenge drunk driving and other criminal offenses. In these difficult financial times, many criminal defense attorneys have expanded their practice to include ticket and DUI defense. This seminar explores the latest trial trends in DUI defense and offers valuable tips on how to understand both the technical and legal aspects of defending DUI and other criminal charges. Our seminar faculty will teach you to recognize errors police officers make in field sobriety and blood tests, as well as means to use these mistakes in defending clients. Register today to learn the latest trial trends and techniques that every DUI and criminal defense lawyer needs to succeed.


Jeffrey Meldon & Tom Copeland on Litigating DUI & Criminal Defense Cases

1. DUI Case Law Update – Effect of Precedent at Trial

2. Voir Dire of the Criminal Jury

3. Probable Cause Issues

4. Vacating Prior Convictions

5. Statutory Changes

6. Department of Law Enforcement Issues

7. Formal Review Hearing Update

Prof. Carlson on DUI Defense & Science – Skills to Use at Trial

1. Field Sobriety Tests

2. Breath Testing Update

3. DUI Defense Strategy

4. Selecting a DUI counsel

5. Selecting An Expert to Explain the Science to the Jury

6. Presenting the Expert

Richard Hersch on Winning Refusal Cases at Trial

1. Explaining Plausible Reasons for a Refusal to the Jury

2. Using the Police Investigation to Set the Scene for the Jury

3. Motion Practice in Refusal Cases

4. Establishing Procedures for Voir Dire

5. Setting the Tone and Pace of Cross-examination

6. Trial Themes

7. Ethical Considerations

8. Closing with a Bang

Question & Answer Session

Biography of Seminar Faculty:

1. Ronald L. Carlson is the Fuller E. Callaway Chair of Law Emeritus at the University of Georgia Law School, where he has taught since 1984. Prof. Carlson has written numerous books on evidence, trial practice and criminal procedure as well as scores of articles in prominent law reviews. He has lectured at CLE seminars across the country and frequently leads seminars for judges and lawyers. Prof. Carlson has earned numerous awards for excellence in and out of the classroom, including the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, the Roscoe Pound Foundation's Richard S. Jacobson Award, honoring a single national law professor for the teaching of trial advocacy, the Federal Bar Association's highest honor, the Earl W. Kintner Award for Distinguished Service to the Federal Bar Association, and the Ronald Ellington Award for Excellence in Teaching award. He has litigated numerous trial and appellate cases and has argued appeals before the U.S. Supreme Court. He appeared as one of the trial counsel in Eckerhart v. Hensley, a landmark federal case establishing the right of mental patients to adequate and humane treatment, and was one of the authors of the Federal Bar Association's amicus curiae brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in Upjohn Co. v. United States, a major case involving the corporate attorney-client privilege.

2. Richard Hersch is the managing partner of Hersch & Talisman, P.A. He has over 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer and is a board certified criminal trial lawyer. Mr. Hersch focuses his practice on criminal and DUI defense. He has lectured in countless seminars on criminal and DUI defense, including to the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Public Defenders Association. He is an active member of professional associations dedicated to representing individuals charged with DUI and other criminal charges. Mr. Hersch has served as the Chair of the Traffic Court Rules Committee, the Code & Rules of Evidence Committee, the Criminal Law Board Certification Committee, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and numerous elected positions with the Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers.

3. Jeffrey Meldon has nearly 40 years of experience as a trial lawyer. He is the managing partner of Jeffrey Meldon & Associates, P.A. Mr. Meldon has served as the chairperson and lecturer for numerous bar seminars on DUI. He is a former member and chairperson of the Bar Traffic court rules committee and former member of the Bar civil procedure rules committee. Mr. Meldon is an active member of numerous community organizations to raise awareness about DUI/DWI. He is a graduate of Case-Western Reserve University Law School.

4. Tom Copeland has 23 years of legal experience, including many in intensive DUI defense. Mr. Copeland has lectured for the Bar and across the state on DUI defense tactics. He previously served as a member of the Bar Traffic Court Rules Committee and serves on the Trial Advocacy faculty of the University of Florida Law School.

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Attorneys, paralegals, and legal professionals.

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Approved for 1.5 California Bar MCLE Credits, 1.5 Georgia Bar CLE credits (including 0.5 Trial credits), 2.0 Florida Bar CLE credits (including 1.0 Appellate certification credits, 1.5 Criminal Appellate certification credits, & 1.5 Criminal Trial certification credits), 1.5 CLE Credits for Members of the New York State Bar, & 1.5 Wisconsin State Bar CLE credits.

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Learn the latest trial skills for criminal & DUI practice with this 24/7 instant downloadable seminar & podcast.

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