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Mastering Judgment Enforcement & Locating Assets CLE -- 24/7 On-demand Recording & Complimentary Podcast

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Learn the latest on Mastering Judgment Enforcement & Locating Assets with this convenient, 24/7 On-demand Seminar & Complimentary Podcast. Register to obtain CLE & MCLE credit, online access to complete course & reference materials, and attend this on-demand seminar. YOU MAY LISTEN FROM ALMOST ANY TYPE OF COMPUTER OR IPOD. ACCESS TO THE RECORDING AND MATERIALS DOES NOT EXPIRE.

Mastering Judgment Enforcement & Locating Assets CLE

90-Minute On-demand Seminar & Complimentary Podcast
Includes Online Access to complete Course/Reference Material & Complimentary Podcast.

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Mastering the enforcement of judgments and debt collection has become increasingly difficult in recent years due to changes in the business cycle. The large number of collection actions has dramatically increased the need for attorneys proficient in the science of effective judgment enforcement and asset recovery. At the same time, federal and state debt collection & credit reporting statutes have gained significant importance. A creditor’s ability to collect from a debtor is governed under a web of legislation that regulates the credit and collection industry, as well as provides consumer debtors protection from abusive and deceptive practices. The Rossdale faculty for this seminar features several leading authorities in this practice, who will describe pre-judgment remedies, effectively locating & seizing assets, cutting edge asset discovery, navigating complex searches, strategies on enforcing judgments, fraudulent transfers, communicating with debtors, & post-judgment remedies. This convenient telephonic seminar will also include discussion on the latest decisions and rules governing collection and enforcement cases. Registration includes online access to written course and reference materials that serve as a helpful guide to the numerous topics and techniques discussed in the program.


Effectively Satisfying & Seizing Assets:

a. Conducting Cutting-edge Asset Discovery

b. Strategies on Discovery through Online Resources

c. Reviewing UCC, Credit Bureau, Financial Institution, Real Estate, and Public Records

d. Minimizing the Effect of Bankruptcy on Recovering Assets

e. Latest Developments in Asset Collection

2. Effectively Perfecting Judgments:

a. Prejudgment Attachment & Garnishment

b. Current Law on Bank & Wage Garnishments

c. Execution & Dormancy of Judgments

d. Strategies on Levying on Assets

3. Post Judgment Debtor Examination & Depositions:

a. Debt Collection & Credit Reporting Statutes

b. Post Judgment Attachment & Garnishment

c. Conducting a Successful Debtor Examination

d. Mastering the Fair Credit Reporting Act

4. Recorded Question & Answer Session

Biography of Seminar Faculty:

1. Shannon Miller is a Principal at Maurice Wutscher LLP, where he focuses his practice on financial services law, with an emphasis on consumer financial services litigation. He has successfully represented financial institutions and law firms throughout the country for claims filed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and various state consumer protection statutes. Mr. Miller has first-chaired more than 100 jury trials. He is a former prosecutor, where he investigated and prosecuted white-collar crimes, and other felonies. He is a widely sought-after speaker on FDCPA, collection law, collections process, & payment processing. He is a member of the American Bankers Association, ACA International, the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the Mortgage Bankers Association, & RMAI, among others.

2. Drew Salaman is a Principal at Salaman Law Offices, where he concentrates his practice in the areas of enforcement of judgments, creditor’s rights, commercial litigation, real estate, and bankruptcy. Mr. Salaman served in the United States Army Reserve and was honorably discharged with the rank of sergeant. He is a widely sought-after speaker on judgment enforcement for his state's Bar Institute, Bar Association, Credit Union League, law school courses, the National Association of Credit Management, and the Board of Judges of the Municipal Court, among others. He has authored multiple publications and book chapters on collecting and enforcing judgments, judgment execution practice, and enforcement of money judgments. He is also the author of “Debt collection. Mr. Salaman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

3. Willard C. Shih is a Shareholder at Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A. and a member of the firm’s Management Committee, where he concentrates on professional liability and responsibility litigation and other commercial disputes. In his litigation practice, Mr. Shih represents businesses and individuals in complex commercial disputes, including cases involving corporate and partnership disputes, unfair competition and consumer claims, trade secrets, restrictive covenants, and a variety of other matters. He also represents closely held corporations in cases in which the owners have disputes pending in family court and probate court, as well as family members involved in estate disputes. Clients include those in the public sector, Fortune 500 and smaller publicly-traded companies, and family owned business across a variety of industries, including biotech, finance, and retail. In addition, Mr. Shih represents national, regional and local law firms in cases involving claims of professional negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and civil conspiracy, among others. Mr. Shih is committed to serving the legal profession. Appointed by his state's Supreme Court, he has served on multiple panels and committees including its Civil Practice Committee, Rules of Evidence Committee, Dispute Resolution Committee, Panel Chair of a Fee Arbitration Committee and as Vice-Chair of a District Ethics Committee. He is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the premier legal associations in North America. Mr. Shih is a graduate of Columbia University and Fordham University School of Law.

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Alabama State Bar MCLE Commission for 1.5 MCLE credits

Alaska Bar Association for 1.5 CLE Credits *

Arizona State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits**

California State Bar for 1.5 MCLE credits

Colorado Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal & Judicial Education for 1.8 CLE Credits

Connecticut for 1.5 CLE Credits

District of Columbia (CLE credits are not required)***

Florida Bar for 2.0 CLE credits

Georgia Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

Hawaii State Board of CLE for 1.5 CLE credits

Idaho State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE Credits

Iowa Commission on Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE Credits

Kansas Continuing Legal Education Commission for 1.5 CLE Credits

Kentucky Bar Association for 1.5 CLE Credits

Louisiana Supreme Court Commission on MCLE for 1.5 MCLE credits

Maryland (CLE credits are not required)***

Massachusetts (CLE credits are not required)**

Michigan (CLE credits are not required)***

Minnesota State Board of Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits

Mississippi Commission on Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits

Missouri Bar for 1.8 MCLE Credits

Montana Commission of CLE for 1.5 CLE Credits

Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits

New Hampshire for 1.5 CLE credits ****

New Jersey Board on Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits (per Rule 201:4)

New York State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

North Carolina State Bar Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits

Ohio - Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on CLE for 1.5 CLE Credits

Oklahoma Bar Association for 1.5 CLE Credits

Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board for 1.5 CLE Credits

Puerto Rico for 1.5 CLE credits (Tribunal Supremo de Puerto Rico)

South Dakota (CLE credits are not required)***

Tennessee Commission on CLE for 1.5 CLE Credits

Texas State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

Utah State Board of Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 MCLE credits

Vermont Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Board for 1.5 CLE credits

Virginia State Bar for 1.5 MCLE credits

Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners for 1.5 CLE credits

Wyoming State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

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* Members of the Alaska Bar Association may report 1.5 CLE credits for participating in this course as it has been approved by other mandatory CLE jurisdictions for 1.5 CLE credits.

** The State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE activities for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirement. This activity may qualify for up to 1.5 hours toward your annual CLE requirement for the State Bar of Arizona, including 0 hour(s) of professional responsibility.

*** States that do not require CLE are indicated above. Rossdale does not apply for CLE in these states as CLE credit is not required.

**** The New Hampshire does not approve or accredit CLE activities for the Continuing Legal Education requirement. Pursuant to NH Supreme Court Rule 53, this activity may be counted for up to 1.5 CLE hours.

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