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Mastering Medicare, Medicaid, & Elder Law 24/7 On-demand Recording & Complimentary Podcast

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Learn the latest on Mastering Medicare, Medicaid, & Elder Law with this convenient, 24/7 On-demand Seminar & Complimentary Podcast. Register to obtain CLE & MCLE credit, access to 74 pages of course & reference materials, and attend this on-demand seminar. YOU MAY LISTEN FROM ANY TYPE OF COMPUTER OR IPOD.

Mastering Medicare, Medicaid, & Elder Law
90-Minute On-demand Seminar & Complimentary Podcast
Listen as many times as you wish and save to your computer for use in the future
Includes Online Access to Course/Reference Material & Complimentary Podcast.

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Representing clients in obtaining Medicare and Medicaid benefits provides consistent workflow and has recently become one of the most in-demand practices. Understanding the subtleties and best practices of Medicare and Medicare enables effective planning to ensure that your clients’ medical needs are covered. At the same time, plaintiff’s lawyers benefit from a thorough understanding of the Medicare and Medicaid arrangements in order to obtain liens on benefits. This seminar provides needed skills to grow your practice and enhance your understanding of advantages provided by both Medicare and Medicaid, alternative long-term care funding and insurance, benefits and eligibility requirements, as well as insight on conducting an effective client intake. Our nationally recognized speakers will also cover the must up-to date developments on Medicare access, the effect of future medical expenses on Medicare, steps to effectuate liens on benefits, as well as non-compliance penalties. Registration includes access to course and reference materials that serve as a helpful guide to the numerous topics and techniques discussed in this seminar. Register today to attend Mastering Medicare, Medicaid, & Elder Law.


1. Medicaid 101: Eligibility Requirements, Benefits, Client Intake:

a. Advantages of Medicare vs. Medicaid

b. Effectively Utilizing Other Sources of Long-Term Care Funding & Insurance

c. State and Local Programs Funding Home Care

d. Caregiver Agreements, Home Care Agencies, & Reverse Mortgages

e. Medicaid Benefits & Eligibility Requirements

f. Assessing the Clients’ Current and Future Needs

- Questions to Ask

- Non-countable v. Countable

- Records to Obtain

- Agreements/Documents to Sign

2. Effects of Future Medical Expenses to Medicare:

a. When Does Medicare Create An Interest In Future Medical Expenses?

b. Effectively Utilizing Medicare Set-asides

c. Determining How to Allocate a Medicare Set-aside

d. Guidelines on Submission to CMS for Approval

3. Medicare Claims and Medicare Set-Asides:

a. Mastering Medicare Benefits

b. Medicare Secondary Payer Provisions

c. Protecting Medicare's Interest

d. Taking Advantage of the Step-by-Step Lien Process

e. Non-Compliance Penalties

f. Set-Aside Arrangements

g. Supporting Documents for Medicare Arrangements

4. Recorded Question & Answer Session

Biography of Seminar Faculty:

1. Brett Newman is a respected expert on Medicare law and liens associated with Medicare benefits. He is known nationally by plaintiff’s attorneys for his proficiency on claims avoidance and reduction. Mr. Newman is the founder and managing partner of The Lien Resolution Group, a firm that specializes in the ever growing nature of lien resolution and associated liability. He also manages Plaintiff Solutions, a company that provides plaintiffs with objective financial advice at the time of settlement. Mr. Newman assists both individual claimants of personal injury lawsuits and mass tort claimants in the protection of their proceeds and government benefits. He is actively involved in training settlement professionals to expand their knowledge beyond the traditional structure broker and attorney relationship.

2. Charles S. Katz, Jr. is one of the principal experts on workers’ compensation and Medicare law, given his four decades of experience in the field and as a member of the National Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board. In addition, Mr. Katz is involved in the National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals, as well as several bar associations focusing on risk and insurance management. He has been named as a SuperLawyer and mentioned annually for the past six years in “Law and Politics” for excellence in practice. A graduate of American University’s Washington College of Law, Mr. Katz is a highly sought after speaker on Medicare related issues.

3. Karen G. Jackson is a leading authority on elder law and Medicaid planning. A named partner at Jackson & Torrone, P.C., Ms. Jackson has spoken widely on nursing home and guardianship issues, Medicaid planning, asset preservation, estate planning, and probate law. She is actively involved in local, state-wide, and national associations that concentrate on elder law and eldercare professionals.

You will receive access to recording, podcast, course & reference material, and information related to CLE/MCLE credit as soon as you register with a credit card or when your check is processed.

CLE ACCREDITATION: Rossdale CLE is a national leader in attorney education and has trained thousands of attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals. Attend this on-demand seminar & podcast for CLE & MCLE credit with the following pending & approved jurisdictions:

1. Alabama State Bar MCLE Commission for 1.5 MCLE credits

2. State Bar of California for 1.5 MCLE credits

3. The Florida Bar for 2.0 CLE credits

4. Georgia Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

5. Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

6. Mississippi Commission on Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits

7. The State of Nebraska for 1.5 CLE credits

8. The Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits

9. The New Mexico Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board for 1.5 CLE credits

10. The New York State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

11. The Oregon State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

12. The State Bar of Texas for 1.5 CLE credits

13. The Utah State Board of Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 MCLE credits

14. The Virginia State Bar for 1.5 MCLE credits

15. The Washington State Board of Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 MCLE credits

16. The Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners for 1.5 CLE credits

17. The Wyoming State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

Additional States - call customer service at (888) 626-3462


You will receive an on-demand download of the seminar, accompanying materials, and information to report the CLE credits as soon as you register with a credit card or when we process your check.

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