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Trial Skills, Expert Witnesses, & Ethical Considerations On-Demand Downloadable Seminar & Complimentary Podcast

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Learn the latest on Trial Skills, Expert Witnesses, & Ethical Considerations. Register to obtain CLE credit, receive 63 pages of course and reference material, and receive access to this 24/7 Downloadable Seminar. register for the complete recording, comprehensive course materials, Podcast, and CLE/MCLE credit.

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Trial Skills, Expert Witnesses, & Ethical Considerations
24/7 On-demand Downloadable CLE & Podcast

Listen as many times as you wish and save to your computer for use in the future.

Approved for 1.5 California Bar MCLE credits (including 0.5 ethics credits), 2.0 Florida Bar CLE Credits (including 1.0 Ethics credits, 1.5 credits for Civil Trial Certification, and 1.5 Criminal Trial Certification) & 1.5 Georgia Bar CLE Credits (including 0.5 ETHICS credits & 1.0 Trial credits), 1.5 MCLE credits (including 0.5 ethics) for members of New York State Bar, and 1.5 Wisconsin Bar CLE credits (including 0.5 ethics credits)


Today, every litigator must be experienced in different techniques of opening and closing statements, voir dire, admission of evidence, as well as direct and cross examination of expert and lay witnesses. Trial lawyers must be especially mindful of expert testimony under the Frye and Daubert tests. Although several jurisdictions have long held to the general acceptance standard, the enactment of the Federal Rules of Evidence in 1975 liberalized the national attitude toward the admission of evidence. The U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals radically changed the federal law governing expert testimony. The courts of many others states have also followed suit to largely adopt Daubert. Every trial lawyer must understand the implications of both Daubert and Frye to best advantage the client as trials are often won or lost on evidentiary matters. Utilized properly, experts can be a powerful tool in jury and bench trials. This 24/7 on-demand seminar covers techniques of trial skills, introduces the law governing admissibility of testimony, and offers practical advice on defending expert witness challenges under the most prevalent state and federal law. Our nationally recognized faculty also discuss ethical considerations in trial practice.


Spencer Aronfeld on Trial Skills

1. Voir Dire

2. The Role of Ethics in Hypotheticals Posed to Potential Jurors

3. Consulting Jury Experts

4. Effective Opening & Closing Statements

5. Powerful Direct & Cross Examination

6. The Import of Ethics to Expert Testimony

John Snow on Expert Witnesses

1. Selecting Your Experts to Advantage Your Client

2. Communicating Efficiently with Your Expert

3. Best Practices on Defending Your Expert's Deposition

4. Ethical Concerns at the Expert Deposition

5. Deposing the Opposition Experts

6. Techniques on Cross-Examination of the Opposition's Expert

7. Presentation of Your Expert at Trial

8. Ethical Considerations regarding Experts

Brian Jackson on Daubert and Beyond

I. The Foundations of Frye

II. Frye in Action Today

III. Understanding Daubert

A. Can the theory be tested?

B. Peer Review and Publication

C. Potential Rate of Error

D. What does General Acceptance Really Mean?

E. Additional Factors Adopted by Some Courts

IV. Daubert in the Courts

A. Scope of federal case law

B. State law: Some General Trends

V. Daubert in Practice

A. When should a Challenge be Considered?

B. The Mechanics of a Challenge

C. Tactical Considerations

VI. Ethical Implications in Trial Practice

Question & Answer Session

Biography of Seminar Faculty:

1. John A. Snow is a partner in Van Cott's Litigation Section, Chair of the Construction Law Practice Group, and is a member of the firm's Board of Directors. Mr. Snow's practice focuses on general civil litigation, including commercial, construction, insurance, and professional malpractice matters. Mr. Snow is an active member of the Association of General Contractors. He is listed in The Best Lawyers in America® in the areas of Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, and Legal Malpractice Law, has been recognized in Super Lawyers in the area of Business Litigation and was named as one of the 2010 Legal Elite in the area of Business Litigation. He is one of the country's leading experts on lecturers on legal ethics in trial practice.

2. Brian Jackson is a partner at Miller & Martin, where he has a coast-to-coast litigation practice handling a wide variety of matters, with emphasis on product liability cases and complex multi-jurisdictional litigation. In the product liability arena, Mr. Jackson has represented manufacturers of various products, including pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, cranes and seatbelts. For several years, he has served as national science counsel for a leading consumer products company, which he has defended against many injury claims, including two Multi-District Litigations. Mr. Jackson regularly makes regional and national presentations on the use of expert evidence and on Daubert law and practice. He is the co-author of various book chapters on product liability cases and the duty to warn (DRI, 2007) and of Expert Evidence in the Sixth Circuit in Scientific Evidence Review: Admissibility and Use of Expert Evidence in the Courtroom (ABA, 2008). He is listed in Best Lawyers in America and is a member of several professional organizations, including the Defense Research Institute, the International Association of Defense Counsel and Scribes: The American Society of Legal Writers.

3. Spencer Aronfeld has enjoyed powerful courtroom victories over Walt Disney World, Wild Oats, P.A.C. Construction, Fedan Tire, and Todel Apartments. He founded his own firm two decades ago and has dedicated his career to representing individuals against corporate giants, such as the Florida Marlins, Bayside Marketplace, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami Dade County, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Royal Caribbean Cruises, State Farm Insurance Company, United Automobile Insurance Company, and International Airplane Leasing. Aronfeld earned international recognition after his first jury trial, when an Orlando, Florida jury awarded his Uruguayan clients a $100,000.00 verdict against Walt Disney World. Before trial, Disney had offered his clients only $1,200.00. That verdict remains one of the largest in a personal injury case against the Mouse and his legal battle was recounted in the book, Disney, the Mouse Betrayed. The story is currently in preproduction with a major Hollywood studio. Aronfeld graduated from the Trial Lawyer College, a non-profit institution founded and directed by legendary trial lawyer, Gerry Spence in Dubois, Wyoming. Aronfeld has hosted his own weekly radio talk show and lectures frequently around the country. He has appeared on the Today Show, Court TV, Primer Impacto, Montel, Dateline NBC, America?s Most Wanted, The Insider and CNN. He is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by both the Florida Bar and the National Board of Trial Advocacy. He is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell and recognized as a Super Lawyers.

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Approved for 1.5 California Bar MCLE credits (including 0.5 ethics credits), Connecticut for 2.0 Ethics Credits, 2.0 Florida Bar CLE Credits (including 1.0 Ethics credits, 1.5 credits for Civil Trial Certification, and 1.5 Criminal Trial Certification) & 1.5 Georgia Bar CLE Credits (including 0.5 ETHICS credits & 1.0 Trial credits), 1.5 MCLE credits (including 0.5 ethics) for members of New York State Bar, 1.5 Pennsylvania Ethics credits, and 1.5 Wisconsin Bar CLE credits (including 0.5 ethics credits).

Registration includes complimentary podcast version of seminar.

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