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Foreclosure Defense Law CLE - 24/7 On-demand Recording & Complimentary Podcast - Register Today

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Learn the latest on Foreclosure Defense with this convenient, 24/7 On-demand Seminar & Complimentary Podcast. Register to obtain CLE & MCLE credit, online access to complete course & reference materials, and attend this on-demand seminar. YOU MAY LISTEN FROM ALMOST ANY TYPE OF COMPUTER OR IPOD. ACCESS TO THE RECORDING AND MATERIALS DOES NOT EXPIRE.

Foreclosure Defense Law
90-Minute On-demand Seminar & Complimentary Podcast
Includes Online Access to Course/Reference Material & Complimentary Podcast.

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Foreclosure practice has become one of the strongest and most profitable practice areas in this weak economy. Today, banks and other creditors have retained record numbers of attorneys to foreclose on loans, repossess property, and obtain favorable workouts. At the same time, there has been a surge of demand for debtors’ counsel to defend millions of homeowners facing foreclosures, stringent modifications, defaults, and pre-ordained workouts. The laws across the country have changed dramatically as the federal and state governments have altered procedures, rules, and practices to curb overly aggressive creditors while simultaneously halting abuses by the defense bar. This seminar covers the latest techniques to equip attorneys with the skills necessary to distinguish and grow their practice. Learn from our distinguished and nationally respected faculty, who will share the best practices and tactics to represent lenders, banks, home owners, debtors, and institutional clients. Registration includes access to course and reference materials that serve as a helpful guide to the numerous topics and techniques discussed in the seminar.


1. Best Practices for Lenders & Creditors:

a. Collection Procedures & Avoiding Foreclosure Pitfalls

b. Executing Against Debtors’ Assets

c. Understanding Garnishments, Redemption, Reinstatement and Possession

d. Judicial and Nonjudicial Foreclosure Procedures

e. Seizing Property Without Hassle

f. Effectively Utilizing Receiverships

g. Documents Essential To Repossessions

2. Foreclosure Defense:

a. Mastering Preliminary Defenses & Obtaining Fees

b. Understanding Mortgage Procedures, including Securitization, Trusts, and Residential Mortgage-backed Securities

c. Effectively Utilizing Loan Documents

d. Servicing Problems Post Origination Issues

e. Role of Bankruptcy, Loan Modifications, and Settlements

f. Eviction Proceedings

g. Securitization, Insurances, and Credit Enhancements

3. Tactics to Represent Homeowners:

a. The Role of Mortgage Electronic Registration System

b. “Robo-Signers” & Mortgage Fraud

c. State & Federal Law Causes of Action and Affirmative Defenses

d. Drafting, Discovery, & Effective Motion Practice

e. Discovery (including Objections)

f. Filing and Defending Dispositive Motions

4. Recorded Question & Answer Session

Biography of Seminar Faculty:

1. Michael Wasylik is a leading expert on foreclosure practice and is a founding member of Ricardo, Wasylik & Kaniuk, PL. He serves as Chair of the Foreclosure Defense Department, where he focuses on homeowner’s rights, foreclosure defense, mortgage fraud, consumer rights and abusive debt collection litigation. Mr. Wasylik’s professional experience includes legislative work for the Unites States Senate and Congress and several large law firms in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Florida. He holds degrees from Northwestern University and the Florida State University College of Law. He is a widely sought after lecturer and author, having published and spoken widely on fighting mortgage and property foreclosure, foreclosure defense, and consumer law.

2. Dustin A. Zacks is a partner and trial lawyer at King, Nieves & Zacks, PLLC. He previously practiced at a leading boutique firm nationally known for its tough defense against “robo-signers” and fraudulent loan practices. Mr. Zacks has successfully represented countless homeowners, handled hundreds of foreclosure cases, conducted ground-breaking depositions of bank officers, and argued motions in numerous courts that have resulted in the issuance of highly favorable precedent for homeowners. The former Ohio Secretary of State cited his depositions of a bank officer as possible grounds for a potential criminal investigation into the foreclosure practices of Chase Home Finance. Mr. Zacks has appeared on various national and local media outlets to speak about foreclosure and real estate issues, including CBS Evening News, BBC World News America, National Public Radio, Fox Business Channel, Washington Post, USA Today, Reuters, Associated Press, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Euromoney Magazine, AOL Real Estate, among others. He has also lectured nationally on fighting fraud and contesting standing in foreclosure disputes.

3. Christopher G. Brown is a named partner and experienced foreclosure litigator at Begos, Horgan & Brown LLP. Mr. Brown has significant experience in foreclosure matters and foreclosure mediation. He has been featured in many public accounts of legal and consumer press for two groundbreaking judgments in which he appeared and made historic victories in the mortgage industry. Mr. Brown is a highly sought-after speaker and resource on foreclosure matters and has spoken in many national seminars.

Who should attend this seminar?
Attorneys, paralegals, and legal professionals.

You will receive an on-demand download of the seminar, accompanying materials, and information to report the CLE credits as soon as you register with a credit card or when we process your check.

CLE ACCREDITATION: Rossdale CLE is a national leader in attorney education and has trained thousands of attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals. Attend this on-demand seminar & podcast for CLE & MCLE credit with the following pending & approved jurisdictions:

1. Alabama State Bar MCLE Commission for 1.5 MCLE credits

2. State Bar of California for 1.5 MCLE credits

3. The Florida Bar for 2.0 CLE credits

4. Georgia Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

5. Idaho State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

6. Louisiana Supreme Court Commission on MCLE for 1.5 MCLE credits

7. Michigan (CLE credits are not required)

8. Mississippi Commission on Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits

9. The State of Nebraska for 1.5 CLE credits

10. The Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits

11. The New Jersey Board on Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits (per Rule 201:4)

12. The New Mexico Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board for 1.5 CLE credits

13. The New York State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

14. The North Carolina State Bar Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 CLE credits

15. The Oregon State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

16. The Rhode Island Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission for 1.5 CLE credits

17. The State Bar of Texas for 1.5 CLE credits

18. The Utah State Board of Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 MCLE credits

19. The Vermont Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Board for 1.5 CLE credits

20. The Virginia State Bar for 1.5 MCLE credits

21. The Washington State Board of Continuing Legal Education for 1.5 MCLE credits

22. The Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners for 1.5 CLE credits

23. The Wyoming State Bar for 1.5 CLE credits

Additional States - call customer service at (888) 626-3462


You will receive an on-demand download of the seminar, accompanying materials, and information to report the CLE credits as soon as you register with a credit card or when we process your check.

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