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SKU: HAB $195.00
Butch LeDoux began making holster rigs out of necessity. He couldn't find many left-handed rigs for himself, so he designed, and LeDoux Leather produces, these high-quality custom leather holsters and belts.

LeDoux Custom Leather makes holsters for any caliber of hand-gun including the colt .45 and .357 Magnum. Based on the information you provide including make, caliber, barrel-length, waist size, whether youe left or right-handed, and the color of leather you choose, we will create a product of the finest workmanship. All LeDoux Leather holsters and shell belts are fully suede lined. The standard belt for our holster rigs will hold 20 rounds of ammunition. LeDoux Custom Leather can also accommodate handguns that have a scope attached.

You may order the rig online, or by calling 414-422-9575. When ordering online, please select or call us with the following specifications: make of handgun, caliber, barrel length, waist size, left or right-handed or cross-draw, and the custom leather color you prefer.