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Bootstrap Bow Rest

SKU: BBR $20.00
LeDoux Custom Leather designed bootstraps specifically for bow hunters. For those who use a longbow or re-curve bow, these bootstraps offer 2 leather areas in which to rest your bow tip. One is on the inside of the foot, and one on the outside. This allows the hunter the ability to put the bow down, while keeping the bow tip from becoming full of dirt, leaves, or grass while in the woods, or other outdoor hunting or practice area. These bootstraps are placed onto the boot just like our regular LeDoux Leather Bootstraps, or a typical spur strap, with additional front holes provided to run the boot laces through for added stability.

LeDoux Leather Bow Hunter Bootstraps are easily adjustable with a buckle strap that fits over the top of the boot, and are available for the left or right boot, or both, in either brown or black color.