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Engine Guard Covers, Engine Guard Chaps, Leather Lowers

SKU: EGC $185.00

LeDoux Leather produces leather engine guard covers, also known as elephant ears, leather lowers, or engine guard chaps. We hand craft them to fit stock and aftermarket engine guards for almost any model of Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Victory, or other make of motorcycle. LeDoux Leather engine guard covers, or lowers, are made with 8 oz. heavy, top-grain cowhide with an inside lining also of top-grain, durable leather, which gives a finished look to both sides of the engine guard chaps, and ensures wind protection as well as water repellancy while riding, thereby keeping motorcyclists warmer on cold riding days.

LeDoux Leather engine guard covers, or elephant ears, are attached to the engine guards with a system of buckle straps to allow for ease of application, adjustment and removal. They can be ordered plain black, or a leather color of your choice, and can have a studded border, or a leather overlay and concho.

LeDoux Leather engine guard covers can also be customized with an overlay picture or pattern of your choice. Just tell us your idea, and we will produce the artwork to fit onto your engine guards. Please call for pricing on custom LeDoux Leather overlays.

When ordering LeDoux Leather engine guard covers, please include the year, make and model of the motorcycle, along with your return phone number or e-mail address so that LeDoux Leather can craft the best product for your needs.