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“Dragon's Queen”

SKU: $5.00
Originally published in 1991, “Dragon’s Queen” is 247 pages of fantasy and magic on a lost world, where a young girl and her dragon are trapped and must grow up -- fast! Jarl and Mirza’s teen witch daughter Lealor is almost grown and eager to leave home. Unfortunately, the Godlike infant Bright One’s attempt to help her leaves her and her dragon Fafleen stranded on Widdershins, a missing world ruled by corrupt priests and superstition. Here, magical werebeasts must hide from humans and dragons are forbidden! Lealor, Fafleen, and the enchanted bracelet Myst soon find themselves trying to solve the mystery of Widdershins isolation, unite the realm’s people and dragons, and find their own way home. Succeed they must, for the Shadowlord lurks in this land’s frozen wastes. For the first time in her young life, Lealor will have to confront the immortal enemy of her people… alone!