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“Dragon's Knight”

SKU: $5.00
“Dragon’s Knight” is the second book of “The Dragon Series” by Carol Dennis, originally published in 1989 and 198 pages long. In this book we follow along with humans and dragons, all heroes and friendly who are magical and mighty -- along with their kids. This book follows Jarl and his new family in a land of gods that needs them all! Jarl Koenig thinks that his children and his witch-wife, Mirza, are safely vacationing in the Wonderwold Realm until Faf, a baby dragon, pops through the dimensions to visit him in California with some grim news. The vile Shadowlord is holding Mirza prisoner on Achaea, the planet of Greek myths. Unless she helps the wizard suck the life force from the mystic Bright One who dwells in Achaea’s sun, the Shadowlord will kill Jarl and Mirza’s children. Unbeknownst to the Shadowlord, however, the kids have their own powers and friends, including dragons Fafnoodle, Ebony, and the rambunctious little Faf, as well as the young of the cosmic Dragonlord, Wyrd. Soon, their father will join them, braving the perils of unknown Achaea to search for his wife. All the while that Shadowlord’s evil grow and grow until dragons, young heroes, and gods must battle a mad scheme to murder a world, a star, and perhaps all of creation!