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“Dragon's Game”

The volume begins with "Dragon's Pawn", the first book of the trilogy where Jarl Koenig, an earthman who doesn't believe in magic meets a leprechaun and is transported by means of a dragon bracelet to Realm where they need a hero to battle the monsters created by the imaginations of earthlings. Fafnoodle, a pacifist, vegetarian dragon, joins him on his adventures. Jarl learns not only to believe in magic, but to become a magic worker himself before battling the Shadowlord for the survival of Realm.

"Dragon's Game" continues in "Dragon's Knight", where Jarl's children and wife are put at risk in another confrontation with the Shadowlord on the planet Achaea where the Greek gods now reside. In a battle to keep the Shadowlord from causing the sun of Achaea to become a nova, it takes the Greek gods and Jarl's entire family to face the Shadowlord.

The original trilogy comes to a conclusion in "Dragon's Queen" the story of Lealor, who is one of Jarl's children and her dragon companion, Fafleen, who is the child of Fafnoodle. On Widdershins, evil priests keep the population subjugated by killing other magic users. Lealor is a shapeshifting witch and healer so, of course, she's captured by the evil priests. Will Rand, the King of the shapeshifters, reach her before she is sacrificed by the priests?

If you're a fantasy fan, these books are here for you. The only real magic on earth today lies in reading a good book, and "Dragon's Game" is magic!