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“Dragon's Bishop”

SKU: $15.00
Published in 2007, “Dragon’s Bishop” comes in at 286 pages and continues the stories of Realm. From the moment that Rory the leprechaun decides to get even with Mage Argen Koenig for awakening him unexpectedly, the issue of who will assume the title of the Dragon’s Bishop becomes a mystery. Argen, mislabeled bishop by the vengeful Rory, dislikes the title and wants no part of it. He gets no credit, little respect from those he aids, and he’s harassed over a lack of parenting skills, so he withdraws from what he refers to as “the game”. Kerrigwen, a Sidhe maiden, will grow up to be an expert healer. As young as she may be, she has already chosen to cure the sick. The green dragon Firefly, whose only claim to fame is a flashing tail on her tail, becomes Kerrigwen’s companion. What adventures will mature their friendship? Killeen uses her vast Sidhe powers almost casually as she plans to become a warrior. Battle is her greatest pleasure. Sparrow, her special dragon, becomes the first dragon gatekeeper after her loses his wing in a skirmish. Can a battle maiden matched with a flightless dragon function as the Dragon’s Bishop? Sterlina is Argen’s own daughter and exhibits many powers for one so young, but she’s afraid of dragon riding and has no desire to fly on a dragon’s back. How could she be in the running for the title? Is it even possible for someone who refuses to select a dragon companion to be Dragon’s Bishop? Unlikely as it seems, one of these must step forward to become the Dragon’s Bishop and champion those who have no one to speak for them.