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08. Free Skate Classes

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Learn to Perform!

Limited Access - Classes limited to 10 skaters each*

The KVFSA Free Skate program lays the foundation for all figure skating. This progressive 7-level curriculum incorporates all the skating skills, transitions, spins, and jumps that create a complete figure skater. It is at this point where a skater can develop the more advanced skating groundwork and decide to pursue a recreational or competitive figure skating career. We meet once or twice a week for 6 weeks to help you learn skating techniques and develop coordination, strength, and balance. Our fun and safe program also is a great way to get in shape by building endurance, strengthening your muscles, and increasing your flexibility. Skating alone burns about 250-810 calories per hour while competitive skating burns an impressive 450-1080 calories per hour. *Due to social distancing requirements, space is limited to 10 skaters per class (subject to change) so register here or call our office (253) 850-2400 to book your spot today

The Freeskate program is available on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Classes are separated between intermediate (Freeskate 1-3) and advanced skaters (Freeskate 4-7). On Tuesdays, intermediate skaters start at 5:30pm and advanced skaters skate at 6:30pm. On Saturdays, intermediate skaters start at 9:15am and advanced skaters start at 10:15am.


  • • Must have passed through Learn to Skate USA Basic 6. If you are interested in learning Basic 6, please visit our Classes page.

For a complete list of classes and descriptions, please see our Classes page.  For more advanced classes, please call our offices for schedules and information.

All sales are final. Please print and present receipt at the ticket window to redeem. In the event any LTS series is postponed or the ice facilities are temporarily shut down due to COVID-19 by state or local mandate/health directives, the classes will be paused and will resume when such restrictions are lifted. Any missed classes shall be added to the series so that all skaters will get the full number of classes originally anticipated.