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25. Theater On Ice Classes

Learn to Perform!

Ice Theater is a unique category of figure skating that connects a storyline through choreography, jumps, spins, and dance in a group dynamic. In this class, skaters will learn to express themselves by utilizing the four major themes that are necessary for any theatrical performance: joy, using the body as an instrument, travelling through space, and rhythm. Teams typically consist of 8 – 30 skaters. Theater on Ice combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement and thrill of a show. We meet once a week for 8 weeks to help you learn skating techniques and develop coordination, strength, and balance. Our fun and safe program also is a great way to get in shape by building endurance, strengthening your muscles, and increasing your flexibility. Skating alone burns about 250-810 calories per hour while competitive skating burns an impressive 450-1080 calories per hour.

The Theater On Ice program is available on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Classes are at 6:30pm on Tuesdays and 9:45am on Saturdays.


  • • Must have passed through Learn to Skate USA Basic 6. If you are interested in learning Basic 6, please visit our Classes page.

For a complete list of classes and descriptions, please see our Classes page.  For more advanced classes, please call our offices for schedules and information.

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