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10. Kent Valley Academy

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Join the Kent Valley Academy!

Limited Access - Classes limited to 10 skaters each*

Kent Valley Academy is a transition from the Basic Skills to the freeskate levels starting at Pre-skate to Freeskate 6. Skaters will be learning more challenging jumps, spins, choreography, and edge skills. This is preparing skaters for the next step in U.S. Figure Skating. Academy classes take place at 6:30pm on Tuesdays and 10:15am on Saturdays.

All sales are final. Please print and present receipt at the ticket window to redeem. In the event any LTS series is postponed or the ice facilities are temporarily shut down due to COVID-19 by state or local mandate/health directives, the classes will be paused and will resume when such restrictions are lifted. Any missed classes shall be added to the series so that all skaters will get the full number of classes originally anticipated.