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08. 3 on 3 Cross-Ice

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3 on 3 hockey is fast-paced, competitive, and fun

While hockey players are becoming faster and more skilled, the importance of in tight game play is increasing. For graduates of our Learn to Play program, this is your first chance to play in games! Participants will be placed on teams, given a jersey and socks, and will play cross-ice games against other players their age. Our organized 3 on 3 program teaches players a variety of necessary skills in order to excel and thrive in the skill-based era of hockey today. Whether beginner or advanced, cross ice game play develops the player’s ability to protect the puck, support the puck carrier, communicate with teammates, stickhandle in tight areas, shoot a quick release shot, play heads up hockey, and most importantly, have fun and compete in supervised gameplay. Every weekend for eleven weeks, players will play three twenty minute games. There are no slapshots or bodychecks allowed and all players must be fully equipped according to USA Hockey rules. Equipment rental is available.

Registrations are now being accepted and space will be limited, so please sign up early. All participants will be placed on a team and given jerseys and socks. Players will be grouped according to age and skill level. Teammates or buddy requests will be accommodated whenever possible.

Ways to Register: Register here, Call 253-850-2400 ext 0 - or - Visit us at the Kent Valley Pro Shop to register in person.

First Game – 10:00-10:20am

Second Game – 10:25-10:45am

Third Game – 10:50-11:10am

Dates and Times:

Sundays for 11 weeks
March 29 April 5, 11*, 19, 26 May 11^, 17, 30** June 7, 14, 21

*Saturday at 4:45-6:00pm ^Monday at 6:30-7:45pm **Saturday at 7:45-9:00am