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Tea, Herbal

• If ordering a SMALL size of the "Cardamon Seed, Decorticated", "Cardamon Seed, Ground", or "Nutmeg, Whole" spices, limit order quantity to 6 bottles or less.
• If ordering a LARGE size of the "Cardamon Seed, Decorticated", "Cardamon Seed, Ground", or "Nutmeg, Whole" spices, limit order quantity to 3 bottles or less.


Catsclaw Herbal Tea:  Dried catsclaw herb.

Catnip Herbal Tea:  Dried cut catnip leaf.

Chamomile Herbal Tea:  Dried Chamomile flower.

English Tea Garden Herbal Tea:   Dried cut spearmint leaf, roses.

Feverfew Herbal Tea:   Dried cut feverfew leaf.

Forever Fruit Herbal Tea:   Rosehips, lemongrass, hibiscus, orange peel and cut peppermint.

Herbal Orange Tea:  Rosehips, dried orange peel, hibiscus flowers, cut blackberry leaf, whole cloves, roasted chicory, orange oil, citric acid.

Hibiscus Tea:  Dried hibiscus flowers

Indian Spice Herbal Tea:  Cinnamon pieces, fennel seed, ginger pieces, anise seed, cardamom seed, whole cloves and peppercorn.

Lavender Bloom:  Dried lavender blooms. 

Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea:  Dried ginger root, lemongrass, dried orange peel pieces, lemon pieces, hibiscus flowers, whole coriander, cinnamon pieces and chicory root.

Mullien Herbal Tea:  Dried cut & rubbed mullien leaf.

Peppermint:  Cut peppermint leaves 

Red Clover Herbal Tea:  Dried cut red clover.

Relaxing Herbal Tea:  Chamomile blooms, cut raspberry leaf and cut peppermint leaf.

Spearmint:  Cut spearmint leaves.