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Connex 3300 HP Radio

SKU: 3300HP $350.00
ALL OF OUR 10-METER RADIOS ARE SOLD ALREADY PEAKED, TUNED, AND CONVERTED AT NO ADDITIONAL COST; 40 Channel AM / FM Mobile Transceiver; Dual Finals for 40 Watts (after tuning); RF Gain Control for perfect reception of weak and strong signals; RF Power Hi/Lo Switch - Echo On/Off Switch; Jack for PA; External Speaker Jack; Talk - Back On/Off Switch; Three Level Dimmer Control; Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Frequency Synthesized Circuitry; Digital LED Channel Indicator; S-RF / SWR / CAL Meter; ANL / NB Switch to Minimize Noise; MIC Gain Control for perfect modulation in any condition; RF Power Switch is used to shape the RF Power Output to the operators preference; Time Control for Echo; Includes Model SRA-198 Ranger Noise Cancelling Mic; DISCLOSURE: Ten-meter radios are considered amateur radios, and not regular citizens band radios. An Amateur Radio License is required by your federal/local government to transmit over a 10-meter radio. It is solely the responsibility of the end user consumer to adhere to the rules and regulations governing amateur radio equipment usage, including, but not limited to all FCC regulations (http://fcc.gov) governing such usage. Amateur radio licensing information can be found at http://arrl.org.
Category:10 Meter Radios