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A waterlock is an essential part of any Marine Exhaust setup.
Its job is to collect the water left in the exhaust
system when the engine is stopped, and can also
reduce exhaust noise in some cases.

Having a waterlock as part of your marine exhaust system is crucial. Without one, water can flow back through the exhaust system from the outlet
and fill the entire exhaust hose to where it will run into the exhaust port of the engine while it is stopped.
This water will end up in the combustion chamber and give you a hydraulic lock.
Once you have flooded combustion chamber with even a small amount of water, you will not be able to turn over the engine to start it. You’ve probably seen
this happening to a 4WD when people have crossed rivers and water has made its way
into the air inlet.This ends with the same result (water in the combustion chamber),
though you could imagine how much more dangerous this would be
on a boat – especially in open waters.