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A. PDS Test 101

SKU: $50.00
PDS Test 101: Skin & Coat. This test is intended for persons trying to achieve their Petcare DermaTech Specialist Certification. This online written test contains true/false, multiple choice and matching questions from subject matter contained in ISCC Study Guide Sec. 1 & SuperCoats Book - Chapters 1-4. Topics covered in this test include Anatomy of Skin & Hair; Significance of Water, Air & Tools upon Skin & Hair; Effects of Equipment & Techniques; and Understanding the Effects & Properties of Chemicals. However, additional study aids, such as the ISCC Study Guide Addendum, SuperCoats Module and Pam Lauritzen's Super Coats lectures are also recommended, but not necessary. This is a timed 30 minute test that comprises 70 questions and can only be taken once per purchase.