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01. ITEI Level 1 Award in Tea (ITEI Tea Steward)

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It is ideal for those who wish to learn and discover world teas for either their personal pleasure and curiosity or to empower those working in retail stores, catering and tea hospitality or other positions in the tea industry. Great for chefs, pastry chefs, wine Sommeliers, baristas, mixologists, bartenders, nutritionists, restaurant servers who are new to tea. This class is great for those contemplating a career in "Tea Sommellerie"/ tea & food pairings, first-time employees in the tea industry to feel more confident when discussing, presenting and serving teas or for tea lovers boosting their personal knowledge about tea, various types, aromas and flavours.

4 Modules of 3.5 hours each +1 Exam
Course Hours / Schedule: Flexible schedule and venue, please inquire for more info at: info@itei.ca
Over a 2 days period, from 9:30 -5:30 PM

Includes Course Educational material, teas and basic tea accessories

MODULE 1 - 3.5 hours
• Let’s discover tea and its origins
• When did tea become a beverage?
• Tea cultivation and consumption spread to other countries
• Tea reaches Europe
• Main tea producing countries
• Tea & the “Terroir” notion
• One plant and six different types of teas and colors
• What defines tea quality?
• Seasonal vs all year long tea cultivation and harvest
• What teas are usually found in hotel restaurants, lounges, Five Star restaurants
• Loose leaf or teabags
• Organic and Fairtrade certifications
• Tea service intro
• Tea service type
• Tea preparation and steeping general rules
• Tea utensils/ Vessels importance in making a satisfying cup of tea
• “Faux-pas” of adding sugar, milk or lemon to tea

MODULE 2 - 3.5 hours
• What’s on the Tea Menu
• Enrich your tea vocabular- Tea Tasting Lexicon for the Tea Steward
• Tea Tasting basics, specific vessels & tools
• White tea manufacturing
• Taste and discover 2 white teas from China
• Chinese vs Japanese green teas manufacturing
• Taste and discover green teas from China vs green teas from Japan
• Taste and discover Oolong teas fron 2 different countries, Green Oolongs vs Dark oolongs
• ITEI Tea Steward sphere of responsibilities
• Tea & Food pairing basics

MODULE 3- 3.5 hours
• Tea trends
• Matcha tea on the Tea Menu or at the bar?
• Matcha Tea service & requirements
• Black teas manufacturing and grades
• CTC teas vs Orthodox teas
• Taste black teas from different countries, grades and styles incl fun blind tastings
• Puerh teas manufacturing & aging
• Comparative tasting of 2 Puerh teas (Sheng and Shou)
• Tea storage challenges and rules in the restaurants, hotel restaurants
• Tea vs Tisane on the Tea Menu/ Caffeine
• Taste 2 tisanes
• Blended teas basics
• Flavoured teas vs single origin teas incl tasting of 2 aromatized teas
• Tea cocktails/ Mixology
• ITEI Tea Steward role during an English Afternoon Tea
• Gongfu Tea service basics when offered in certain venues
• Japanese Tea service basics when offered in certain venues
• Tea Service Excellence
Final Exam
Closed book written exam of 30 multiple-choice questions.

During the classes, participants are invited to practice tea tastings, tea recommendations from the menu, tea service, tea & food pairing suggestions.

Upon completion of both written and practical tests, participants receive the ITEI Tea Steward Diploma.
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