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03. ITEI Tea Master/Level 3 Award in Tea

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ITEI Tea Mastery scholars must complete the 9 mandatory base modules and choose one tea mastery major from the list below:

9 BASE MANDATORY MODULES 63 hours (9 Modules x 7 hours studies)

- Tea Agriculture and Manufacture
- Mastery Level Tea cupping/ Tasting
- China Teas & “ Terroirs” Masterclass
- Taiwan Teas & “ Terroirs” Masterclass
- Japan Teas & “ Terroirs” Masterclass
- India Teas & “ Terroirs” Masterclass
- Sri Lanka Teas & “ Terroirs” Masterclass
- China and Japan Tea Rituals & Etiquette
- The culture of Tea in China - Tea Beyond Tea

TEA MAJOR (Choose 1) 50 hours

The Major is chosen after the compulsory modules completion. Student may also propose a different topic.

- Vietnam/ Korea Teas & “ Terroirs” Masterclass
- Kenya Teas & “Terroirs” Masterclass
- Tea, Health & Science
- Tea trade challenges
- Chinese Traditional Medicine & Tea
- Russian Tea Culture
- Tea History: China, Taiwan, India
-Thailand Teas & “Terroirs" Masterclass
- English Afternoon Tea and Etiquette

During the International Tea Education Institute ITEI Certified Tea Master training, students will learn at an advanced level, how tea is steeped in history, the different ways of tea manufacturing/processing to create different tea types, the diverse variations of colour and flavour between different teas and their health benefits. Students will also learn about the various tea regions and « terroirs », the fascinating culture of tea in various countries, the art of tea, various tea ceremonies.

During the trainings, students will be taught the essentials of advanced sensory tea evaluation, to professionally taste (or 'cup') world teas and understand the various tasting characteristics of each tea's liquor. Students will also learn the tea tasting lexicon/ vocabular in the professional industry and be able to speak confidently about tea and « terroirs », as well as serve it with the acquired knowledge, expertise passion and integrity.

An ITEI Certified Tea Master has a deep understanding and respect for tea, the evergreen plant camellia sinensis and the drink’s social and cultural significance. This deep understanding and respect for tea will develop from study, close attention to each tea cup taste and quality assessment. Students will understand that their commitment to tea and its spiritual and social significance is a life-long adventure.

Following the completion of this rich content and expertise course, students will be able to actively enter the tea industry, to pursue a professional tea career in the tea world, using their acquired knowledge and confidence. Some of the possibilities include open a tea shop or a tea café, a tea house, becoming an ITEI tea consultant, an ITEI Tea sommellerie expert, working for a tea company, being involved with tea as a hobby, as a tea Connoissoir, developing tea menus for various establishments.

The training requires minimum 2 hours a week with the teachers for Online tutored classes via Skype or Webinars. Students will also have home studies, reading, research and some essays.

At the completion of this training students will have a Final practical skills and blind tasting Exam in persona at a predetermined ITEI Accredited Education Centre next to you.

Duration of the exam: 3 Hours

Students must obtain passing grades in all exams in order to complete the Certification. Successful graduates will be honoured with ITEI Certified Tea Master™ qualification and a certificate of completion that includes the graduate's Major.

Upon successful completion of this Certification, students receive the following :

The ITEI Certified Tea Master Certificate and will be qualified to use the exclusive title ‘ITEI Certified Tea Master’
Final Exam costs : $248.00

We also welcome ITEI Certified Tea Masters to earn their ITEI Accredited Tea Educator training, to connect with other tea professionals, and join us as a trainer.

Some of the modules and projects you will complete include:

Tea, Terroirs and cultivars
The History and characteritics of various world Teas
Tea manufacturing impact on tea types
Professional tea tasting
Tea classification
Tea grading systems
White tea
Yellow tea
Green tea
Oolong tea
Black tea
Puer tea
The art of Japanese tea
The art of Chinese tea
The art of Korean tea
English Afternoon Tea
History of chai, manufacture and ingredients
Tea and food pairing
Health benefits of tea
Guidance to start a tea business including consulting, networking and cooperation
For more information please fill out the contact form on this website: http://www.itei.ca/Tea-School-Contact-Laval-QC.html
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