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ITEI Matcha Masterclass

SKU: $249.00

Tuition Fees: $249.00 - UK £185 including a special Matcha gift value $50.00

This Masterclass is lead by Sylvana. P. Levesque, Japanese Tea Expert


It is ideal for those who wish to learn and discover Matcha tea, its origins, preparation, culinary applications and health benefits for either their pleasure and curiosity or to empower those working in the Food & Beverage, catering and hospitality providing confidence when customers order Matcha from the tea menu. Great for chefs, pastry chefs, baristas, mixologists, bartenders, nutritionists, tea stewards who would like a more comprehensive course on Matcha tea, and its culinary and gastronomy applications.


This course is a perfect foundational introduction to Matcha tea origin, manufacturing, types, grades, preparation, ritual vessels used in the more spiritual and codified Japanese tea ceremony known as Chado or the “Way of Tea” and specially Matcha’s culinary applications and health benefits.

Upon successful completion of this Matcha masterclass, students gain the following:

  • Basic knowledge of what is Matcha
  • Understanding of the Japanese Matcha Ceremony tradition
  •  Matcha tea vessels and their seasonality
  • Matcha grades and which to choose for specific applications and occasions
  • Tutored Matcha Tea preparation and tastings experience
  • Matcha in a tea service environment in the hospitality industry
  • How to incorporate Matcha into a tea menu
  • Tastings of confections made with matcha
  •  Health benefits of Matcha
  • Certificate of attendance


  • Matcha origin
  • Highlights of the Japanese Tea Ceremony known as Chado or the « Way of Tea »
  • The special tea vessels used in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • How is Matcha manufactured
  • Matcha types and grades
  • Matcha tea successful preparation
  • Matcha tea tastings of various grades
  • How to incorporate Matcha into a tea menu
  • Matcha culinary and gastronomy applications
  • Matcha health benefits


UK: £185.00 May be applied for another training event within 18 months period should participant cancel.
USA & CANADA: $249.00
Non-Refundable once Tuition Fees paid and educational material and samples shipped.


  • A matcha gift value $50
  • ITEI Matcha Masterclass handouts
  • Preparation and tastings of various Matchas'
  • Matcha confections tastings
  • Matcha tea & teaware sourcing information
  • Matcha recipes
  • An ITEI Certificate of Attendance

UPCOMING EVENTS: Please check the calendar section of this website.

For additional information and bookings, please fill out the contact form and send us your participation interest so we can email you an invoice.

The right is reserved to cancel any of our trainings prior to the date, in which case the entire payments by the registrant shall be refunded with no further obligation.

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