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1963-1982 Complete Rear Suspension


1984-1996 Complete Front Suspension


Trailing Arm Parts

Bearing Assembly (230-266)

Caliper Mount (230-018)
Dust Shield (230-051)
Trailing Arm (63-82)
Rear Rotor (65-82)
Spindle Flange (65-79) Spindle Flange (80-82) Spindle (1963-1982)
Brake Shoes (1965-1982)
Brake Mounting Kit SS (1965-1982) Wheel Studs (1965-1982) Spindle Nut & Key (1963-1982)
Trailing Arm Bushing Kit (1963-1982) Trailing Arm Shim Kit (1963-1982) Trailing Arm Bolts French Locks (1965-1982)
Trailing Arm Diagraham Bearing & Seal Kit (1963-1982) Shims & Spacers (1963-1982) Dust Shieldd

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1965-1982 New Trailing Arm Assembly

SKU: 200-458 $975.00
This product is for a 1965 to 1982 New Trailing Arm Assembly. Please specify by the drop downs if you need the Left or Right Hand Side. If the cars model year is 1980 to 1982 please state whether the car is manual or automatic. Provided with all new parts! Lifetime Warranty with original receipt! New Parts consist of New T/Arm, Nuts, Backing Plate, Rotor, SS E-Brake Hardware, Front Bushing, Axle Flange, Bearings & Races, Caliper Mount, French Locks, Spindle, Washers, Bearing Support, Wheel Studs, E-Brake Shoes, Pivot kit, Cable Guide, Cup Washer, Seals, and Bolts. *For any 1980-1982 models, all automatic option will have a 1/4" flange, and manual options will be a 5/16" flange.