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Xarelto® (rivaroxaban)

Eliquis® (apaxiban) Brilinta® (ticagrelor)
Pradaxa® (abifatran) Savaysa® (exodaban)


Prevention of non-thrombic clotting disease


The Prior Authorization for this medication has been denied. Further review is pending as:

Clopidogrel 75mg is Free of Deductible in the Exchange.

1. For prevention of blood clotting when no demonstrable deep vein thrombosis has occurred, similar results are noted with salicylates (e.g., ASA 81 mg and dipyridamole 75 mg daily)[1], and/ or warfarin/ coumadin. [2].
Non-compliant patients or those unable to continue warfarin started Plavix / clopigodrel[2] as
When all risks are considered, clopigrodrel is equivalent with the newer non-vitamin K meds.[3]

2. Contact Benefit Manager for Referral for:
_____a. Alternative Pricing
_____b. Anabolic Protocol for adult sufferers since stanozolol and metformin can reduce Platelet Aggregation Inhibition-1[4]. Pending (1.), (2.) and (3.) the employee/ dependent may continue the medication as prescribed by the treating physician by attaching a valid 3-month prescription with up to 12-months of refills to the Cover Page and mailing it back to:

ATTN: Benefit Manager
City of Hazel Park Self-Insurance Health Program
111 East Nine Mile Road
Hazel Park, Michigan 48030

Please send the demographics about the patient that appear on the Cover Page of the Prior Authorization form and the Credit Card Information from the Flexible Spending Account in the boxes below.


Demographics Health Insurance/ Credit Card
Member Name:____________________________________ Member Name on the Card:_____________________________________
Insurance ID:____________________________________ Issuing Service: VISA, MC, Discover _________________
Date of Birth:____________________________________ Number:____________________________________
Street Address:____________________________________ Expiration:____________________________________
City/ State/ Zip code:____________________________________CVV Code:____________________________________
Telephone Number:____________________________________

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Signed b.n.r. Benefit Manager ___________________________________ date:__________

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