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Actinic Keratosis and Wart Removal Drugs



for Actinic Keratosis

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Drug Info
Generic/ ingredient Dosage Quantity Aboard
Brand Price
Brand Price
Generic Price
Prior Authorization Price
per unit
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CVSBeta Hydroxy Acids Salitop®salicylic acid 6% #1 414ml Bottle $   37.44 $ 51.44plantar warts, acne$0.12/ ml
CVS podophyllotoxins Condylox®salicylic acid 0.5% #1 3.5ml Bottle $ 222.00 $ 43.65$0.94/ 5-drop dose
Kroger Acetic Acid Tri-chlor® trichloro- acetic acid80% #1 15ml Bottle $75.00
for 40gm
$  63.57 $0.84/ 5-drop dose
CVS Nucleoside Metabolic InhibitorEfudex® flurouracil5% #1 10ml Bottle $75.00
for 40gm
$  48.14 $0.13/ gram
Walgreens Immune Response Modulator Aldara® imiquimod5% 12 Pkgs
250mg/ pkg
$52.00 (generic)
$ 825.96 $ 83.38 $8.33/ pack
KrogerBeta Hydroxy Acids Virasal® beta hydroxy acid 27.5% #1 10ml Bottle $ 139.53 $ 45.17$ 45.17/ applicator

Best-Price Print Coupon Category US Brand

Drug Info
Generic/ ingredient Dosage Quantity Aboard
Brand Price
Generic Price
Brand Price
per unit
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walmartBeta Hydroxy Acids Keratyl®salicylic acid 6% #1 160ml Bottle $   68.26 $0.43/ ml
Walmart Nucleoside Metabolic Inhibitor Fluoroplex® flurouracil1% #1 30gm Tube $ 367.20Rejected$3.02/ gram
WalgreensNon-steroidal Anti- inflammatory Solaraze®diclofenac 3% #1 50gm Tube$119.00$75.00
#100gm tube
$ 452.43 Prior Authorization$8.81/ gram
No coupon- Walgreens Nucleoside Metabolic InhibitorsCarac®fluorouracil .05% #1 30gm Tube $ 606.00 Rejected$18.97/ gram
Walmart Immune Response ModifierPicato®ingenol mebutate .05% #2 Tubes/ .25gm $275.00 $ 712.71 Prior Authorization $237.57 / tube
Walgreens Immune Response Modulator Zyclara® imiquimod3.75% Pkgs
#28 pack
$388.00 $1259.70 Rejected$44.99/ pack
Walgreens Phyto-enhancer Ameluz® aminolevulinic acid10% 2gm
1 tube
RejectedPhysician dispenses

Compounding pharmacies can create a near equivalent to Diclofenac™/ Solaraze and Carac™/ 5-fluorouracil at half the generic price.
Compounded colchicine 0.5-1% is used internationally and is as effective as the above listed pharmaceutical products.

While condylox is useful for small warts externally, there is no clinical self-use for warts high in the vagina or rectum.

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