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Beyond Gourmet, Unbleached Coffee Filters, basket style (100 each per box)

SKU: 400 $4.83
Beyond Gourmet, Unbleached Coffee Filters, basket style (100 each per box). Beyond Gourmet's Disposable Cone Coffee Filters are perfect for making coffee in automatic coffee makers or those specialty coffee accessories designed for manual Japanese coffee brewing methods known as pour-over, hand pour or hand drip coffee. Disposable coffee filters are convenient to use and make cleanup is a breeze. Beyond Gourmet's all-natural paper coffee filters are made without the use of chlorine, resulting in pure, robust flavor. Sediment from finer-ground coffees won?t escape into the brew, allowing the best tasting coffee possible. Easy to use, simply place a coffee filter paper into the automatic or manual coffee maker. Measure in desired amount of ground coffee, or grind whole beans fresh, then brew according to instructions. Drink the fresh-brewed coffee immediately or chill to make iced coffee and other coffee drinks. Convenient and easy to clean up, after brewing coffee, simply discard the coffee filter. Made in Sweden from all-natural, unbleached paper, Beyond Gourmet Coffee Filters are environmentally sensitive. They are completely biodegradable, fully compostable, and packed in recyclable packaging made from recycled materials. They are the perfect coffee accessories for coffee lovers concerned about more sustainable living practices. Beyond Gourmet, an A.V. Olsson Trading owned company, is committed to making high-quality cooking and baking products using sustainable materials with manufacturing processes designed to protect precious resources. All of Beyond Gourmet products are Green Seal certified. Green Seal is an independent, non-profit organization that develops life cycle-based sustainability standards and certifies those products and service that meet the rigorous standards for recycled content & reduced bleaching.